Know From Parenting Expert How To Handle Tantrums In Children

If you are a parent to a toddler who throws tantrums to fulfil their demands, read these parenting tips to deal with toddler tantrums.

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Know From Parenting Expert How To Handle Tantrums In Children

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Most kids throw tantrums but some develop habits to shout and scream just to make their wishes fulfilled. Some kids through tantrums out of frustration which is termed temper tantrums. They are unable to express themselves through words or expressions that cause anger which develops into tantrums. If your child often exhibits such symptoms, you need to take the command and tackle them with ease. Here are some helpful tips by parenting expert Jyotika Bedi Mehta for preventing temper tantrums in children.

How to Deal with Toddler Tantrums

One of the easiest ways to manage toddler tantrums is by giving them what they want. Probably this is something that most parents do when their child looks frustrated. This is a temporary solution that is not good as a long-term solution. If you keep on meeting their demands, they will develop a habit of throwing tantrums whenever they want something. 

Don’t fall for their tantrums

How to Deal with Toddler Tantrums

If you think that their demand isn’t right or it is not necessarily meant to be fulfilled, don’t give in. They might scream, shout or cry but don’t melt. Instead, be calm and make them understand that this is not right for them. They will understand slowly. 

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Ignore the tantrum

Sometimes ignoring your child is the best idea. They would scream but eventually give up after some time. Just stick to this practice no matter how hard it gets or if you have to drag your child in the market, just be firm on your decision. Your child would realise that throwing tantrums is not helping and they will stop eventually.

Ignore the tantrum

Calm them down

If your child gets out of control or becomes inconsolable, just calm them. Hug them and pacify them with love. Express your love and concern to them calmly and things would start to fall in place. Sometimes, they won’t listen. In such a situation, allow them some time to calm down.

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How to Handle Child Tantrums?

Tantrums are behavioural and there is nothing as such as prevention. But there are many ways to inculcate good behaviour in them. Here are some tips from parenting expert:

Establish a daily routine that includes proper allotment to playtime, sleep time, screen time, etc. They know what slot is for what and this helps them get into a proper routine.

How to Handle Child Tantrums
  • Encourage them to improve their expression through vocabulary: Expression is the best solution. When a child is able to express themselves, the chances of tantrums reduce. Since they can clearly say what they wish, it becomes easy for the parent to understand and make a decision.
  • Don’t say ‘No’ to everything: Sometimes, you can respect their choices if they are right. Besides, you must give them choices for general things to boost their morale and make them feel important. 
  • Learn the art to distract: There is nothing as better as distraction when it comes to fending off. Also, children are easy to distract. Thus, if you can, distract them from their demand.


Toddler tantrum is a very common issue with parents. A lot of parents give in to their tantrums and fulfil their wishes which is not right. This is not ideal parenting as it causes their tantrum to develop over time and they would become difficult to handle. These tips can help in preventing temper tantrums in children.

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