Is Gym Comparison Keeping You From Workout? 4 Foolproof Ways To Stay Focused

Going to the gym and lifting weights is a game of practice that you get better at over time.

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Mar 21, 2023 16:58 IST
Is Gym Comparison Keeping You From Workout? 4 Foolproof Ways To Stay Focused

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From a place of self-improvement to flaunting your gains and uploading body transformation pictures, gyms nowadays have undergone a tremendous change. Big biceps and flat bellies have become the new normal for gym goers, making beginners anxious and nervous to join the gym. There’s even a term to describe this feeling of nervousness or anxiety that many people feel in the gym: “gymtimidation”.

People are now afraid to go to the gym because they see people lifting heavy weights and they are nowhere close. Everyone begins with a five-kilogram dumbbell and gradually progresses to a 30-kilogram dumbbell. So, if you're considering joining a gym but are concerned about being judged, let's begin by learning why you should not compare yourself to others and four foolproof ways to stay focused.

Why You Should Not Compare Yourself To Others? 

When a beginner first enters the gym, they are surrounded by people who have more muscle mass, more strength, and use supplements, which makes a beginner feel inadequate and eventually insecure. Remember that going to the gym and lifting weights is a game of practice that you get better at with time. When you compare yourself to "gym bros", keep in mind that they have been training for years and you have recently begun lifting weights. You have only done 50 biceps curls, whereas the person to whom you are comparing yourself must have performed over 10,000 reps.

At the end of the day, a gym is a place of growth; your benchmark should be yourself. If you can beat your previous record, you're doing well; if you're underperforming, you should challenge yourself and upgrade.

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Ways To Stay Focused In Gym

1) Join Group Classes

Gyms now provide group classes to all of their clients. There is an instructor who teaches people how to exercise, and everyone is treated equally. The presence of an instructor increases your efficacy, as there is a check on you, and you're able to give your best. 

2) Find A Workout Buddy

Partner workouts are underappreciated, but there are numerous advantages to having a workout buddy. When you train with someone who has the same drive, you become more focused, and there is healthy competition between the two, where you try to perform more reps than your partner.

3) Tune In

On days when you are distracted, listening to motivational songs or fitness podcasts is one of the best ways to regain your focus. Wearing airpods in the gym is also one of the best ways to avoid unwanted comments from others. The best part about tuning in is that you enter a new zone where you are alone with your thoughts, with only one goal in mind: work hard.

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4) Consult A Fitness Trainer

If you've ever been to the gym or know someone who goes, you would be aware that hiring a personal trainer is nothing short of a luxury. Trainers nowadays cost three times as much as gym memberships, and the only reason for this is the service they provide. When you hire a personal trainer, they call you at a convenient time, when the gym is almost empty, and you can ask them any questions you have. Having a trainer is also beneficial on days when you don't want to work out because they motivate you and make sure that you reach your fitness goal as soon as possible.

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