Mental Load Of Unequal Housework: Can This Destroy Relationships?

Help your partner a little in the housework in these 5 ways, which will reduce their stress and increase your love and bonding. 

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Apr 15, 2020Updated at: Apr 15, 2020
Mental Load Of Unequal Housework: Can This Destroy Relationships?

Schools are closed these days due to lockdown and many of you must be working from home. If you are also working from home, then you have more time in the day than before, when you can spend time with the family. It is very difficult to carry out the responsibilities of the household even on normal days. And these days when all the family members are at home, then the household chores further increase. Generally, in most Indian homes, women do household work. Therefore, during such times, it is better that you can use this free time to help your partner and improve your relationship. If you will help your partner a little bit in household chores, then this will reduce their mental burden and they will get some relief from stress. Here are some very simple ways to help your partner.

How to help in the kitchen?


Many people do not know how to cook, so they do not even go to the kitchen. But let us tell you that there are many small things in the kitchen, in which you can help your partner such as - cutting vegetables, washing fruits, keeping them in the fridge, cleaning the fridge, washing dishes, cleaning the kitchen sink or filling of new rations and spices in the finished ration and spices box. These tasks are small, but your partner has to do a lot of work on these tasks. So you can help them.

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Cleaning the house is a big task, which takes time as well as hard work. But cleaning is not an art like cooking, so you can do it cleaning. The tasks such as sweeping, wiping, cleaning shelves, tables, and setting up beds are very small things, so you can help your partner quite well by doing all these.


Handle children or help them

If your children are very young, you can reduce the mental burden of the partner by at least taking care of them. If your children are a little older, you can also take help from them in household chores. Children usually like cleaning, lifting or dropping off. Therefore, choose such works and give them to the children, so that they too slowly start to understand the work of the house as their responsibility.

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Try new dishes

If you have a little interest in cooking, then this is the best time to experiment. By watching videos on the internet, you will someday get your partner free from the kitchen mess and cook some good food on your own. It is believed that partners who cook and feed seem more trustworthy and romantic. So whatever light but tasty you can make, try and serve them yourself.

Pet's responsibility

If you have a pet in your house, then it will also be very helpful for the partner to handle their responsibility. You can also help well by bathing, washing, defecating the pet and cleaning their place or giving them food.

Apart from this, you can do some other minor tasks such as filling water in bottles, cleaning the bathroom, bringing vegetables, ironing clothes, keeping children entertained, etc. The list is long, so do not waste time and get involved in some work.

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