World Chocolate Day: How Dark Chocolate Can Aid Blood Glucose Control

If you are diabetic, you can have a small piece of dark chocolate when you crave sugar as it helps in blood sugar management.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jul 07, 2022Updated at: Jul 07, 2022
World Chocolate Day: How Dark Chocolate Can Aid Blood Glucose Control

Whether you are happy, celebrating, having a bad day or dealing with mood swings, the one thing that comforts you is chocolate. Some people are avid chocolate lovers who like to have it daily while some reserve it for special occasions. Dark chocolate has become increasingly popular lately because it is healthier as compared to milk chocolates. Made with cacao beans, dark chocolates have fewer calories and so, you can have this sweet indulgence guilt-free. This world chocolate day, we thought to tell you one big benefit of dark chocolate that can make prediabetes and diabetes patients dance with joy. Research has found that eating dark chocolate in limited amounts can prevent and control diabetes.

Dr. Irfan Shaikh, Head, Medical & Scientific Affairs at Abbott’s Nutrition tells onlymyhealth that indulging in dark chocolate can aid diabetes management. It offers certain health advantages that can help in preventing the onset of diabetes and manage blood glucose levels in diabetes patients.

How dark chocolate controls blood sugar?

Dark chocolate contains polyphenol antioxidants that prevent cellular and molecular damage. Besides, polyphenols are also proven in improving insulin sensitivity. With that, insulin functions get regularized that aid diabetes or blood sugar management. But, that doesn’t mean you savor a lot of dark chocolates. There is a capping and criteria for choosing the right dark chocolate for diabetes control.

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dark chocolate control blood sugar

How to find out the right dark chocolate

Check for ingredients on the pack. It should mention cacao bean extracts which is the real raw dark chocolate possessing vital nutrients.

  • Pick a dark chocolate that mentions ‘polyphenol-rich’. This means that the chocolate has high antioxidants. The more, the healthier.
  • Check if the dark chocolate has sugar or not. Dark chocolates have fewer sugar content but not all are the same.
  • A good dark chocolate should have more fibre than sugar.
  • Go for a non-processed dark chocolate as processing eliminates a lot of nutrients from the chocolate.
  • Good-quality dark chocolates are generally pricier. You should be investing in a good-quality chocolate to reap the benefits.

NOTE: As per Dr. Shaikh, 20-50 grams of dark chocolate a day is healthy. If you consume more than that, it might harm your health instead of boosting. The blood sugar levels might fluctuate after overconsumption of dark chocolate.

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dark chocolate control blood sugar

Bottom line

If you are prediabetic or diabetic, you must avoid unnecessary sugar consumption. Eating dark chocolates in moderation is good but not milk chocolates. Also, it would be better if you eat dark chocolate when you crave for something sweet. This would curb your craving without spiking your blood sugar levels.

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