Is Coconut Water Good For Diabetes? Expert Answers

Can diabetes patients drink coconut water? We asked this question to dietitian and diabetes educator and here’s what she has to say.

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Is Coconut Water Good For Diabetes? Expert Answers

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A glass of fresh coconut water in scorching heat is the ultimate relief! Rich in electrolytes, this is the ultimate summer drink that your body needs to prevent dehydration. Drinking directly from a fresh coconut rather than bottled coconut water makes it even more beneficial because it is organic and preservative-free. But is coconut water good for diabetes too? Diabetes patients are concerned about what they eat and drink considering even slight chances of blood sugar spike. So, should diabetic patients consume coconut water or not? Let us find out in this article.

Coconut water for diabetes good or bad

According to Swati Bathwal, Dietitian and Diabetes Educator, “It is certainly a myth that coconut water increases blood sugar.”

Glycemic index is the deciding factor when it comes to diabetes diet. Anything that has a low GI is good for diabetes as they convert carbohydrates to glucose fastly to not spike blood sugar level. Low GI is below 55 and the glycemic index of coconut water is 54 means it has low GI. Thus, it would be right to say that coconut water is good for diabetics

The GI value changes even the way we cook a food products. For example: if we compare potatoes as well, a boiled potato has a low GI value but a fried potato has a high GI. If we look at the structure at the molecule level- higher GI have more pores hence a quick absorption of the food. If you want to reduce the sugar spikes- the trick is to add Fiber to the meal. For example; watermelon is healthy, but it can increase sugars in some people, so combine it with healthy nuts or add some paneer. And with coconut water- eat it with coconut flesh(malai) it’s excellent for memory and Brain functioning or just have it with chia seeds - your hydration with coconut water will double.

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Coconut water for diabetes

Coconut water is low in sugar, carbs and fat which enhances its properties. Here is the list of nutrients that are found in coconut water:

  • Magnesium
  • Sodium
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorous
  • Vitamin C

Coconut water for diabetic patient benefits

Scroll down to read benefits of coconut water for sugar patients.

Powerhouse of Energy

One of the greatest health benefits of coconut water is that it amps up energy levels by replenishing electrolyte balance. These ensure fine metabolic functions by promoting kidney functions. Electrolytes ensure detoxification and aid dehydration.

Coconut water for diabetes

Rich source of fiber and protein

Fiber and protein are two important nutrients for diabetes patients and coconut water has both in abundance. Fiber is slow-to-digest which slowly increases blood sugar and thus, aids diabetics. 

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High antioxidant content

Antioxidants are important for holistic health as these counter free radicals that can cause severe damage to your body. Free radicals increase the risk of diabetes in normal people and trigger complications in diabetic patients. Coconut water has antioxidants that cut down the risk of free radical damage.

What Is The Best Time to Drink Coconut Water For Diabetic Patient?

Coconut water for diabetes

While you can have coconut water at any time of the day, drinking it in morning is the best time. It is because coconut water contains lauric acid that kickstarts metabolism and keeps you energised throughout the day. This also boosts immunity and restore electrolyte balance.

In addition to this, do not have more than one glass of fresh coconut water a day. Anything in excess is harmful and so, you must have coconut water in moderation otherwise it will cause certain side-effects. 

Is Coconut Water Good for Gestational Diabetes?

This is another common query. Gestational diabetes occur during pregnancy and since coconut water is safe for diabetes patients, it can be consumed in case of gestational diabetes as well. Just consult your gynaecologist on the right amount of coconut water to drink and other guidelines to manage gestational diabetes.

In a nutshell, diabetes patients can drink coconut water as it has low GI and offers many health benefits. However, the only thing to note is that do not have more than one glass of coconut water if you are diabetic as it may then cause problems.

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