Try These 8 Healthy Lunch Ideas For Grown-Ups

Try These eight quick and easy packed lunch ideas for grown-ups!

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Aug 14, 2020Updated at: Aug 14, 2020
Try These 8 Healthy Lunch Ideas For Grown-Ups

Quick and easy lunch ideas for adults: Take out a few moments from your hectic schedule and prepare yourself a healthy lunch! Not only would you avoid the undesirable health hazards linked with food eaten outside, but you would also save money. This feature will offer some handy lunch ideas. Here we list you eight items which can feed your taste buds accordingly (add in your lunch):

  • Make a Sandwich: Switch to brown bread! Rather than eating fruit jam or peanut butter on the bread, try putting in meatballs, lean meat, sliced pork chop and baked chicken. A bbq chicken sandwich, grilled vegetable sandwich and a tofu sandwich are an excellent choice for lunch. For a vegetable sandwich, you can add a couple of sunflower seeds, melon seeds, flax seeds and sprinkle some sprouts. This will add an ingredient of sumptuousness and crunch to the sandwich.
  • Nutritious, Stomach Filling and Crunchy: Do you have a sweet tooth? Then you can prepare salads which must have 3 ingredients, namely proteins, carbohydrates, and veggies. Dress it with honey, olive oil, and vinegar. You may also like to sprinkle nuts and raisins on it. It can also be merged with whole wheat pumpkin bread or thick slices of banana bread.
  • Wrap-up: Prepare Mediterranean chicken wrap for a lip-smacking adventure, paneer wrap,  chicken caesar salad wrap, or tofu wraps. These can be merged with salads for nutrition and taste for a wonderful lunch idea. You can use the appetizer dips or spreads, grilled sandwiches, or as sandwich fillings; keep trying and experimenting.

  • Roti with Spread: One can have green chutney spread with chapatti and some salad dressing in it. Utilize your lunch into a high-flavour delight. Try seeking for different sorts of spreads in the market. Try hummus flavours, mango peach salsa, tomato pesto, olive tapenade, and mango chutney. As long as you keep them closed, mango chutney or home-made spreads can last two-three days in the fridge.

  • Tabouleh Salad: Do you know the speciality of salads? It forms a very healthy option and takes away the boredom of regular lunch packs. Do you know that tabouleh salad can be consumed as a cold salad? One can put this in the fridge and eat it during lunch. Combine it with a potpourri of chaach or juice.
  • Cereals: Shifting to whole grains is necessary for a healthy life because you get more fibre and nutrients. You have a full range of benefits of whole-wheat pasta, bread, sandwich rolls, tortillas, and crackers. Hence, you should be smart while preparing your lunch.

  • Kala Chana Kebab: Kala Chana kebabs can be blended with green chutney sandwich and green salads. To add a bit of spark to your lunch ideas, you may have some lemonade along with it.
  • Idli: A very healthy and light option - idlis can be sorted and chopped in garlic, olive oil, and veggies of your choice, for example, capsicum, onion, and spinach. But again you can merge it with coconut water.

Conclusion: We always ask you to satisfy your taste buds with quality when you are making these lunch plans; they can be stomach filling and healthy!

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