Do You Know Green Bananas Can Aid Weight Loss? Read Other Health Benefits

Green bananas offer several health benefits that a lot of people still do not know about. Here are some green bananas nutrition facts for you.

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Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Aug 13, 2020 17:07 IST
Do You Know Green Bananas Can Aid Weight Loss? Read Other Health Benefits

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If you haven’t had green bananas, you are missing out on something important. While yellow or ripe bananas are commonly consumed, green bananas are discarded for their unsweetened taste and fibery texture. Many people do not know about the amazing green bananas nutrition facts that make it better than yellow bananas. Just like how ripe bananas are good for health, raw bananas are no less. Let us tell you soma amazing green bananas uses and health benefits in this article.

What Are The Benefits Of Green or Raw Banana?

There are many parts of India where raw banana is consumed as a popular vegetable. Since it doesn’t taste good, it is made into other palatable dishes such as green banana chips and curries. Raw bananas contain more nutrients as compared to ripe bananas. It contains more starch than ripe bananas, while the amount of sugar is less. Therefore, a raw banana is beneficial for diabetes and blood pressure patients. Let us tell you more benefits in detail.

Green Bananas for Weight Loss

Are bananas good for weight loss? Yes. Particularly, green bananas are great to lower down weight as it contains resistant starch. If you want to lose weight you should eat raw bananas at least 2-3 times a week. Boiled raw bananas have very low-calorie content and high water content. So by eating it your body absorbs calcium well. Therefore, eating raw banana vegetables makes bones strong and burns fast.

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Raw bananas for stomach

There are different types of bananas but raw bananas are very beneficial for the stomach. Since it is rich in fiber, it relieves constipation and digestion-related problems. Raw bananas contain short-chain fatty acids that are considered very good for the intestines. If a person's stomach is not cleaned properly, stomach pain occurs during bowel movements. Eating green bananas can help. You can also try air-fried green banana chips. These make for a great snack and since they are air-fried, the oil content is also very less. You can munch on these whenever you feel hungry, but don’t go overboard. Overconsumption of anything is bad even if it is healthy food.

Raw banana prevent diarrhoea

A recent research has reported that the consumption of raw bananas provides quick relief in diarrhea. Actually, bananas are easy to digest and contain a good amount of potassium. Therefore, its use provides quick relief in diarrhea and vomiting.

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Prevents chronic ailments

Raw bananas are beneficial for diabetes, high blood pressure and heart patients as it contains a lot of nutrients. The potassium present in bananas reduces blood pressure and alleviates stress. Apart from this, pectin in bananas relieves constipation and stomach problems while maintaining insulin in the body. Apart from this, raw bananas contain vitamin B6, vitamin C, copper, magnesium, manganese and potassium.

In a nutshell, you must start eating green bananas. They are supremely healthy and can be made into diverse dishes. From boiled banana mash to banana curry to banana chips, there is so much that you can try.

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