7 Health Benefits of Taking Steam Bath

Steam bath can make you healthier. Here are 7 benefits of taking steam bath you need to know.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Aug 21, 2021 10:00 IST
7 Health Benefits of Taking Steam Bath

Steam is being used to healthcare product for a long term. Most of the times when you get cold or cough, you take steam which reduces your infection and gives you relief. In the same way steam bath also has many benefits which we are going to discuss today. Steam baths are often taken in steam rooms that are enclosed spaced that are heated with steam. The temperature differs depending on the place but it is usually kept somewhere at the temperature of 110 degree F. Even through steam baths are not very common in our country, you can get a steam bath at various places including gyms, spa and clubs. Steam bath for one person can also be created at your home if you wish. Let us know the benefits of taking steam bath.

Health Benefits of Taking Steam Bath

1. Improves Circulation

Getting a steam bath in the steam room can significantly improve your cardiovascular health. This is because heat improves circulation of blood in the body. It is especially useful for old age people suffering from high blood pressure and heart problems. Steam bath also is beneficial to heal the broken skin tissues. Older adults can get benefitted from steam bath a lot and should definitely try it.


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2. Lowers Blood Pressure

Steam room is a place where heat affects your body in such a manner that your body releases hormones that change the heart rate. Aldosterone is one such hormone which helps in lowering down the blood pressure. Steam bath allows your body to rest and function faster. Since the functions get faster, it results to low blood pressure in the body. It also calms your body and makes you feel better.

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3. Reduces Stress

Taking steam bath in steam room also decreases the amount of cortisol in the body. It happens because the body reduces the production of cortisol while taking steam bath. When level of cortisol drops in the body, it reduces your stress and anxiety in the body. You start feeling more relaxed and calm. This is widely effective in adults who are constantly under work pressure. Spending some time in steam bath can improve your health and keep your mind relaxed. This will further help you to focus.


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4. Clears Congestion

Steam rooms create such an environment that warms your mucous membrane present inside your body. It encourages you for deep breathing. Just like steam is taken at time of cough or cold, and it clears your congestion. In the same way, steam bath clears congestion present in your body and reduces the risk of sinus or lung infections. Steam bath can even be effective in treating and reducing respiratory infections. This process of treating infections from the body through steam is called steam therapy. However do not go for steam bath if you have fever.

5. Promotes Skin Health

Steam bath is also useful in improving skin health. It improves the quality of your skin by taking out all the toxins trapped beneath your skin. Steam brings out the dust particles and toxins that get stuck in the skin because of pollution. Heat open ups those pores and allows your skin to breathe. Taking steam bath can also reduce acne and other skin problems. The warm condensation rinses away dirt and dead skin resulting to a clear and even toned skin. Steam bath can thus be useful in reducing skin problems and issues.

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6. Relaxes muscles and loosens joints

Warming up before any workout is very important. Warming up reduces the risk of injuries and improves flexibility of muscles. Taking a steam bath does the same thing in a more effective and quicker manner. Steam bath induces heat inside the body and relaxes muscles and makes them more flexible. Heat applied before any activity could increase your performance. Thus steam bath is also useful in warming up as well as relaxing muscles after workout to avoid any injury. It also affects joints and prevents injury in those parts. 


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7. Burns Calories

Taking steam bath in a steam room or sauna increases your heart rate. This is like an aerobic workout activity for your body. Heart rate gets elevated which stimulates results like that of doing exercise. This means your body reacts to steam bath as it reacts to exercise. Therefore is allows quick sweating and promotes weight loss. It does not make a person lose weight as such but improves the water weight ratio in the body. Thus taking steam bath avoids dehydration and burns calories at the same time. Hence it can be a good combination with healthy diet and regular workout.

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