Know All About Reiki. Its Benefits And Method To Perform From The Expert

Here is everything you need to know about reiki from what it is to how it's done and some of the benefits of this alternative therapy.

Charu Sharma
Written by: Charu SharmaUpdated at: Dec 18, 2021 11:30 IST
Know All About Reiki. Its  Benefits And Method To Perform From The Expert

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As medical science has progressed a lot in the past few decades and has shown tremendous rise in treating various incurable diseases and conditions. Where medical science has fast tracked in providing cure for various conditions, people usually tend towards some or the other kind of alternative therapy in order to cure their condition or disease without the help of mediation in a natural way. Where there are numerous alternative therapies available out there starting from home remedies to yoga, there are many other therapies as well that one can opt for when it comes to the world of alternative therapies. Reiki is one such alternative therapy that is known for its tremendous healing powers and has proven to be very beneficial in treating various conditions such as fever, cold, thyroid, swine flu and even cancers. Reiki is a self healing therapy that a person can learn and perform on his/her own to get rid of several diseases  and lead a healthy life. 

Here we have bought everything that you need to know about this self healing exercise from what it is to how it's done and some of the benefits of this alternative therapy with expert Mr. Vineet Jain, Founder of Reiki Energy Healers.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a word that has been derived from the Japanese word “rei” which mens universal and “ki” which means life energy.  As work reiki is a combination of these two words it literally translates to miraculous sign or mysterious atmosphere. Reiki is a self healing procedure which is said to be helpful in cleaning out the blockages inside the body that tend to stagnate the energy flow of the body. This provision of energy flow within the body is said to be helpful in providing relaxation, relieving pain, reducing the symptoms of illness and in speeding up the process of healing. This therapy has been proven to be beneficial not just in treating physical issues but in providing relief from emotional pain as well. 

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The most current form of Reiki which is practiced and is popular in the present day world is known as Usui Reiki Ryoho which was developed in the year 1922 by Mikao Usui. Some of the most popular Reiki techniques practiced around the world are-

  • Beaming
  • Centering
  • Infusing
  • Extracting harmful energies
  • Clearing
  • Ranking the aura and Smoothing

Health Benefits of Reiki

Similar to other alternative remedies, Reiki comes along with many health benefits. A self healing therapy that is known to cure various health issues such as Thyroid, Cancer, Swine flu, Fever and other such diseases as well.

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Some of the health benefits of Reiki are-

  • It assists the body in cleansing itself from toxins along with supporting the immune system. 
  • Promotes harmony and balance. 
  • Aids better sleep. 
  • Helps to relieve pain and supports physical healing
  • Dissolves energy and promotes natural balance. 
  • Creates deep relaxation and helps the body to release stress
  • Aids better sleep. 
  • Helps in spiritual growth. 
  • Compliments therapies and medical treatment. 

Ways to Perform Reiki

Reki is a self healing process, an alternative therapy that uses the universal force of energy that already exists around us. This alternative therapy strengthens the natural healing abilities of the body. As this therapy is a self healing treatment, an individual can learn for themselves and get peace and calm for themselves. In order to perform Reiki, find a comfortable and peaceful spot in your home and create a quiet environment without any distractions. Place some soft pillows and blankets and close your eyes.  Relax your mind and body.  Now make a mental note of any special places in your body that require special attention and treatment. Take some easy and long breaths and focus your attention upon your body and breath as you switch to different positions. 

(With inputs from Mr. Vineet Jain, Founder, Reiki Energy Healers)