Hypothyroidism Effects On Body: Know How This Condition Shows On Various Body Systems

Hypothyroidism could be affecting various body system and functions. Read to know how it affects your function.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Nov 26, 2021 10:36 IST
Hypothyroidism Effects On Body: Know How This Condition Shows On Various Body Systems

Hypothyroidism is one of the conditions that affect numerous people in the country; it makes your body grow in size as the enzymes do not function properly. The inability for thyroid enzymes to work and produce thyroid hormones results to this condition. A person who is suffering from hypothyroid can exhaust his energy levels and slow down functioning in his body. This condition may affect different systems in the body at various levels. Today we will understand the effect of hypothyroid of different body systems and functions by help of an expert Dr. Ramesh Indrani, General Physician and Consultant in Ivory Hospital, Lucknow.

How Does Hypothyroidism affect you?

There are different effects of hypothyroidism; it can affect your metabolism, mental functions, energy level and bowel movements in the body. This means that it is connected to almost all the major systems of our body. During hypothyroidism your metabolism may go down and dietary restrictions may be added to your diet. You may also feel weakness and constipation more often. Keep a check on your thyroid levels to understand different issues.


Effect of Hypothyroidism on Body Systems

1. On Circulatory and cardiovascular system

In case of hypothyroidism, the blood pressure sugar become lower than usual which affect your heart beat rate as well. It can weaken your heart and cause delayed or abnormal heart beat. It makes your heart less efficient than before and pumping out blood from your body becomes difficult. Hypothyroidism could be very exhausting and may even lead you to heart attack. You may also feel shortness of breath and raised blood pressure issues along with this problem. 

Problems of thyroid include the following- 

  • It can lead you to higher cholesterol levels
  • It causes high blood pressure in the body
  • It increases the risk of heart attack and heart disease
  • Narrows the volume of arteries that creates cardiovascular complications


2. Nervous system

Since thyroid most of the body functions, hypothyroidism also makes nervous system of the person affected. Untreated hypothyroidism could actually affect your nervous system and information carrying to the brain, spinal cord and the body functions. This is condition of peripheral neuropathy and includes many problems such as numbness, tingling and painful sensation in different nerves around the body. 

3. Endocrine System

Your endocrine system requires your body to regulate metabolism in your body. It requires T3 and T4 hormones to affect your blood stream and energy levels in your body. Endocrine system affects your body in a way that makes your daily routine activities miserable. This is one function in which the thyroid glands are also affected because of the working of the system.

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4. Respiratory System

Thyroid also affects your hormones levels in the body. It can make the person vulnerable to breathe properly and cause breathing difficulties. Too little thyroid hormones can actually lead the person to exertion, exhaustion and problem having sleep. During hypothyroidism, the person may also cause sleep apnoea and problem in functioning of daily activities. Hypothyroidism could be makes your situation worse when it affects your respiratory system.

5. Digestive System

Digestive system is one of the major functions that are associated with having hypothyroidism. This condition makes the digestive functions decrease and go worse in effectiveness. Hypothyroidism is one condition that slows down the digestive movement present in your body and can affect your entire digestive process. It makes the person difficult to digest many of food products and it can hence result to heartburn, constipation and bloating


6. Reproductive system

Reproduction system is also one of the major systems in your body. Hypothyroidism can be affect women do distinctive levels because of irregular periods and heave pain. Reproductive organs and functions may lead to complications such as miscarriage. Women may also face problem in getting pregnant and fertility issues because of hypothyroidism.

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7. Other System that get affected

The person suffering from thyroid hormone could face various issues in different parts of the body. Since the other problems are not associated with major functions, it is mentioned separately. These are more of physical symptoms that are visible to you and could be controlled if precautions are taken. Thyroid hormone actually slows down your metabolic process and it could create symptoms such as-

  • Fatigue
  • Cold intolerance
  • Swelling in hands
  • Weight gain
  • Swelling in feet

Hypothyroidism can cause your skin to dry up and result to pale skin. Pale skin may make your face yellowish and whitish. A person who has thyroid could possibly cause problems such as hair and flaky skin in the eyebrows or thin. You nails could be affected as well because they become brittle. Hypothyroidism affects your brain function, skin and almost all the parts of the body is some way or the other.

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