Here Are 7 Common Myths About Sinus Infection, Read To Know Real Facts Behind It

Sinus infection is very common among people. Know about these myths and real facts behind sinusitis.

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Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Nov 24, 2021 10:21 IST
Here Are 7 Common Myths About Sinus Infection, Read To Know Real Facts Behind It

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You must have heard about sinusitis as a problem which numerous people suffer from. Sinus is a condition in which there is a swelling or inflammation in the lining of sinuses. This can be very exhausting and can cause pain in the forehead. The pain persists in cheekbones and in the forehead as well. This can grow as the mucus becomes moist inside the nose and in turn cause different allergies as well. However people still misunderstand this condition and have many myths revolving around it. Today we will get to know about reality behind these myths.

What are most common sinus problems?

According to Dr. Sumeet Nigam, General Physician from Sahara Hospital, Lucknow, sinus is basically a tissue which is present in the face near your nose. It lets the air flow in the passage in normal conditions but there is a fluid build-up which could cause certain problems and pain in the face and forehead. Common sinus problems are mostly chronic pain, blockage in the nasal passage and some infections which could be result of some allergies. Sinusitis is not a contagious infection and it is important for people to know real facts behind it.


Myths and Facts behind Sinusitis

Sinus infection has many myths that could lead you too complications and problems you should not indulge in. Here are some common myths around this infection.

1. Sinus is contagious

Sinusitis is a infection hence many people have this notion in their mind that it could spread to different people around them. However this is purely a myth and by no chance sinus can spread to other people. Viral infections such as cold of flu could be reasons behind sinusitis but this does not mean that it spreads. Sinus actually happens after a long chronic cold or flu and hence it is not at a stage where the infection spreads.

2. Sinus congestion can be relieved with nasal spray

Nasal spray cannot actually provide a permanent solution for your sinus infection. It can relieve blockage in the nose for a short while but the congestion is going to come back somehow. Nasal sprays are only effective till the initial days for a couple of hours. Nasal sprays could actually increase sinus infection and pain because it makes mucus heavier over the time period and as it does not come out of the body it creates more severe problems.

It is also important to know that all the nasal sprays have different compounds which might not be as effective and efficient for relieving congestion related to sinus.


3. People with sinus always need to take antibiotics

This is also not true, in fact most of the people who have sinusitis relieve their symptoms in a short while after having throbbing pain. Antibiotics are only needed in sinus infection if the infection lasts for over several days or the pain is not controllable. Bacterial infections and allergies can be problematic and mostly doctors recommend having antibiotics in those conditions mostly. Antibiotics are actually only needed to suppress any form of external problem and not actually sinus as such. You should instead have medications for decongestion, mucolytics, nasal steroids and antihistamines. 

4. Sinus increases in spring season

It may be possible that sinusitis could be a result of extreme weather factors but not necessarily in spring season. Therefore it is not true that sinus is more prevalent in the spring season. Sinus can increase because of factors that may make you more susceptible. Actually winter season is more problematic for people having sinus and maybe possible because of rugs and carpets. Air pressure can also be a reason for developing sinus infection but not spring.

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5. Surgery is only option for Physical Constraints

Many people consider surgery as the only possible option to cure problems related to physical constraints. It may not be possible for any other treatment to cure sinusitis. This is not a correct option; actually there are many factors which are aligned to sinus infection. Dr. Sumeet also explains that surgery is always considered as the last option where all other options are exhausted. While surgery may sound invasive, it is not a dangerous procedure and can be done successfully without much worry about your health.


6. Sinus is responsible for continuous headache

People that suffer from sinus do suffer from persistent headaches but it is not the only factor. There could be many possible reasons for having a headache. Headache could be because of several factors such as pollution, allergy, cold, exertion, etc. Pain during sinus is actually different from other types of pain; it affects your face, headache and portions behind your head. Hence you need to determine the cause of headache and take necessary actions against the type of pain which is available. If you suspect a headache, it could be more than just congestion. 

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7. Green or yellow mucus is a symptom of Sinus

This is also a false statement, in most of the conditions; the mucus is mostly green or yellowish. Hence, it does not determine that you have sinus infection; there are many other symptoms and ways to know sinusitis, therefore choose those options rather than determining it through colour of mucus. Consult an ENT specialist or a doctor that could tell you about your condition to know exactly what has happened to you. You also need to find out whether the infection is viral or bacterial.

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