Reading Health Benefits: 5 Reasons Why Reading Should Be A Must

Reading can boost up your brain power and save you from all those neurological disorders as you grow old. 

Charu Sharma
Written by: Charu SharmaPublished at: Jul 09, 2021Updated at: Jul 09, 2021
Reading Health Benefits: 5 Reasons Why Reading Should Be A Must

When we talk about reading we mean real reading, that is reading some old fashioned printed books. As we are talking about its health benefits, we don’t want you to spend time in front of the screen reading on your kindle, mobile, laptop, tablet or any other such device. Reading books is an activity which will not just help you to become smart and enrich your vocabulary but comes with many health benefits too. So this weekend take some time from all those electronic devices and take a moment to read some good books with your family to enjoy several health benefits. 

Health Benefits Of Reading 

Reading Health Benefits

Well I think you should have listened to your mom when she brought you those story books and asked you to read them because reading can actually boost up your brain power and save you from all those neurological disorders as you grow old. Here are 5 health benefits of reading books.

1. Can prevent Alzheimer

Reading engages your brain into an activity and makes it work and helps to prevent cognitive diseases such as Alzheimer which is a neurological disorder which shrinks your brain and kills those brain cells and as a result declines a person’s social, behavioral and thinking skills.  As people engage themselves in a  mentally stimulating activity such as reading they become less likely to develop problems like lesions, plaques and dementia caused due to increasing age.

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2. Boosts Brain Power

Reading not just makes you smarter and prevents diseases like alzhimer but can also boost up your brain power. As reading is an activity that involves the complex network of your brain, it hence helps in maturing these networks, circuits and signals and makes them much stronger and sophisticated.

3. Reduces Stress


Reading books can be a real stress buster which comes with many other benefits. When you start reading you enter the literary world and it becomes an escape for you from your real life problems. Reading books is said to lower the feeling of psychological stress, lower your heart rate and blood pressure and help you to relax. 

4. Reduces the Symptoms of Depression

As books can lessen the feeling of isolation and estrangerdness that people suffering from depression usually feel. Reading can give you a quick escape from the real world problems and take you away in the imaginary world. As depression can be caused due to the accumulation of negative thoughts in our mind and by reading some good books we can fill in that space with some positive thoughts which will in return generate some positive energy.

5. Promotes Sleep

Promotes Sleep

Reaching out to a good book before going to bed instead of scrolling through social media can actually promote sleep. Reading a book before sleeping can help to relax your mind and will promote a good night’s sleep.

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Well you knew that being a bookworm had some perks of its own? Make sure that you read either a book or a newspaper in the form of a hard copy at least once a day to exercise your brain and ensure its proper functioning. Now go ahead, grab a book and relax yourself by getting lost in the literary world of imagination. 

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