7 Health Benefits Of Going For Walks Early Morning

Going for walks early in the morning can be very beneficial for your health, read to know various health benefits.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Nov 05, 2021 17:35 IST
7 Health Benefits Of Going For Walks Early Morning

Walking may not particularly be a first exercise which comes to your mind when you wake up in the morning. Most people do not even consider it as a exercise, but it is indeed one. Walking is said to be one of the most useful and beneficial exercise for the body which enables every function into play. Walking also burns many calories without any extra effort like other activities and exercises demand.  Today we are here to tell you about various benefits of walking which you need to consider and start your morning walks from the next day. 

Benefits of going for Morning Walks Regularly

1. It boosts your energy levels

Walking is an exercise that does not exhaust you early and boosts your energy levels in the body. This is because the body is in continuous motion and required constant energy. Hence the cells produce more energy that usual which boost overall health and energy levels in the body. It does not mean you just walk for 10 minutes inside your house.  Proper walking consists of walk in the park or outside your house for atleast good 20-30 minutes. A study has also found out that walking for 10 minutes on stairs is more energizing than drinking a cup of coffee who feels sleep deprived.


2. Boosts Mood

Working continuously and following the same routine can make you depressed. Walking in the morning can boost your health and improve mood of the person. This is because walking put every major body function and organ to move which energies the body and produces more hormones which boosts your positive mood.

It can also have other following benefits on mental health-

  • Improves self esteem
  • Reduces anxiety
  • Reduces stress
  • Bring down fatigue
  • Creates positive mindset
  • Ease symptoms of depression and reduces mental health issues
  • For this you need to walk regularly in the morning for at least 20 minutes everyday.

3. Helps fulfil physical activity demand

Walking in the morning also completes a major part of your routine workout which is essential for your health to stay fit. Walking for 30 minutes in the morning can keep you away from diseases and reduce the risk of cardiovascular problems. To benefit yourself and your health, it is advised that you atleast walk around 150 to 300 minutes in a day. Try to walk in the morning for atleast 5 days out of 7 in a week for effectiveness.

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4. Aids in weight loss

Walking in the morning may help you in weight loss because walking is an intensive exercise which helps to lose calories. Walking for 30 minutes in the morning can help you consume approximately 400 calories. This also depends on speed of walking and varies from every person’s health. Walking in the morning is more beneficial because your stomach is empty and the body consumes fats from the body to produce energy. 

To boost this process you may also add few intensive exercises or weight training programme to increase weight loss.


5. Prevents Health problems

There are many health problems that can be reduced with mere morning walks. Morning walks are great for boosting your immunity and stamina. This prevents various viral disease, bacterial infections and health conditions to stay away. Since walking is such a healthy exercise, it also helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and promotes respiratory health. According to a study by National Institute of Health, you can lower down the risk of diabetes and heart disease by around 19 percent if your start walking for 30 minutes daily. 

Apart from this it also helps to manage diabetes by regulating the blood sugar levels in the body and keeping it low. Morning walks for a long period of time can also reduce your from risk of having certain types of cancers.

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6. Strengthens muscles

This is quite an obvious benefit, that muscles get benefited from walking. Walking puts all major muscles of the body at work and it helps to make the muscles more efficient. It improves the muscular health and tones up the muscles in various parts of the body. Leg muscles are especially affected by this positive change. To make it more efficient, you can walk at brisk pace or choose to climb stairs or on an inclined surface.

7. Improves sleep quality


Walking in the morning also improves sleep quality of the person. This might seem a little weird but it is true. According to a study in 2017 by National Physiological Institute, it was found that adults who are above the age of 50 years find it better to sleep after having morning walks. People who were facing problems while sleeping and insomnia also experienced improvement in their condition. 

Morning exercises are still better because if your exercise in the evening, then it may make your muscles and body have more chances of fatigue and weakness.

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