Cervical Erosion: Know Its Symptoms, Causes And Prevention Tips

Cervical erosion is a serious condition which can affect a woman’s health adversely. Know its causes, symptoms and tips to prevent it.

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Cervical Erosion: Know Its Symptoms, Causes And Prevention Tips

There have been ample numbers of problem that have been associated with women’s health. It has been observed that inflammation of any part especially sensitive areas associated with personal hygiene often tend to get inflamed. Problems related to cervix are one of the major issues that come under this category. Inflammation to cervix is called as cervicitis or cervical erosion. There are many conditions that can cause problem in cervix and cause cervical erosion. Let us understand about possible causes and conditions affecting women’s health.

What is Cervical Erosion?

Cervix is a narrow passage that connects uterus and vagina. During menstrual period, blood comes out of this passage and moves out of the body. Hence if there is some irritation or inflammation in the cervix, it may lead to a number of problems. According to Dr. Bindiya Khera, Senior Gynaecologist from Fatima Hospital, Lucknow, cervical erosion can be due to some bacterial infection in the cervix or because of inflammation caused by underlying health problem. Most women with cases or cervical erosion report of irritation or uneasiness after their menstrual cycle or after child birth. You need to be very careful with the symptoms that are associated with this condition so as to avoid any complications.


Symptoms of Cervical Erosion

Here are some symptoms that majority of women face when they start having cervical erosion. However these symptoms do not occur necessarily to every woman facing this issue. It varies in different people and also according to cause of the problem. 

  • Vaginal irritation
  • Itching around vagina
  • Bleeding during having sexual intercourse
  • Pain in urination
  • Experiencing pain during a cervical examination
  • Lower back pain
  • Abdominal pain
  • Foul smell from vagina
  • Unusual gray or white discharge
  • Thick, yellowish and green vaginal discharge in severe cases


Causes of Cervical Erosion

Cases of cervicitis can range from mild to severe depending on the inflammation and cause of the erosion. Sexually transmitted diseases are one of the major problems that lead to inflammation in cervix. It can be because of-

  1. Trichomoniasis
  2. Gential herpes
  3. Mycoplasma
  4. Ureaplasma
  5. Gonorrhoea

Allergies- There are few allergies that can also cause problem in your vagina and cervix, these allergies can be related to inflammation. Many people have allergy from latex which means that they are unable to wear or have intercourse using latex condoms. Others can have allergies from spermicides or douches as well. If a woman uses any of the products that she has allergy from knowingly or unknowingly, then it causes inflammation and erosion.

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Irritation- Inserting tampons or diaphragms may also cause irritation and injure the cervix in some cases as well. This can lead to severe cervical erosion as the injury increases due to inflammation over time. Cervicitis may also develop rapidly if the injury or inflammation is not treated within a few days.

Bacterial infections- There are two types of bacteria present in the cervix. Good bacteria are healthy to keep sexual and personal health in place, whereas other type of bacteria can cause infections and inflame the cervix. This can also result to bacterial vaginosis. Inflamed cervix can be a symptom of this in most cases. 

Pregnancy- Pregnancy actually affects the hormones in the body. There are a lot of changes that happen during this phase because of which cervix becomes more sensitive. These hormonal changes lead to cervical erosion in some cases.


Cancer- Cervical cancer is a major threat and it becomes really hard for the person to recover from this severe condition. In advance stages of cervical cancer, it affects the cervical tissues which also results to cervical erosion, however it is not so common. 

Complications related to Cervical Erosion

If proper attention is not given to cervical erosion, then it could possibly cause more severe problems. These problems can be there for long duration and possibly result to uneasiness and unwanted conditions.

  1. Pelvic inflammatory disease
  2. Can cause infertility
  3. Chronic pelvic pain
  4. Fertilization outside mother’s womb because of inflammation or infertility

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Tips by Gynaecologist to Prevent or Treat Cervical Erosion

Gynaecologist Dr. Bindiya Khera gives some tips to prevent this problem or treat it in its initial stage by taking a few measures and dietary changes. 

1. Consult a doctor and take anti-bacterial or anti-fungal medicines prescribed by him.

2. Take probiotic more often like yogurt, supplements etc that can increase the good bacteria in your diet and prevent bacterial infection in the cervix. Probiotics are also useful to maintain pH level and helps to treat bacterial infections.

3. Eating garlic or having supplements that have this ingredient in it. Garlic has a strong impact on health issues that are related to bacterial infection. Garlic has high levels of antibacterial properties and anti-inflammatory properties that help to keep the cervical health in check.


4. Be careful of the irritants or products that could possibly cause allergies such as latex condoms, tampons and douches etc. Also use mild soaps to or your personal care hygiene. 

5. Wear loose cotton underwear that is made up of breathable fabric. This can help to provide proper ventilation so that moisture does not get stuck up in the vaginal region. Moisture build-up often results to bacterial infection and then inflammation of cervix. 

6. Take preventive measures and use protective gears while indulging in sexual activities to prevent STIs which are one of the leading causes of cervical erosion. However be aware about any allergy from those protective gears.

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