6 Home Remedies To Maintain Vaginal pH Balance

Yellowish discharge and change in pH level in your body can affect your health. Here are 6 home remedies to maintain vaginal pH balance.

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Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Sep 08, 2021Updated at: Sep 08, 2021
6 Home Remedies To Maintain Vaginal pH Balance

Women have to take care of many factors regarding their health on different levels. pH level of your body plays a vital role in determining healthy reproductive health and hygiene. The pH scale that is used to understand the acidity level in the body ranges from 0 to 14. If the pH is less than 7, then it is acidic and if more, then basic. In normal conditions, pH level of a woman should be moderate around 3.8 and 4.5. However in many conditions, it becomes hard to maintain normal acidic level of vagina. This can be due to various reasons affecting women’s health. If vaginal pH becomes too basic, then also it can create problems. It is a very basic problem and can be regularized with help of some home remedies.


Why Is It Important to Maintain Normal Vaginal pH?

Normal pH level of the vagina should be between 3.8 and 4.5. If it hovers up or down this level then it can create problems and impact the colour of discharge and other factors. The vaginal acidic level is like a natural defence against bacterial growth in the vagina. Hence it is important to maintain pH level of vagina to regulate overall health. You can determine if your pH level is too alkaline or not by these signs-

Change in discharge colour and texture- If there is change in colour, white, gray or yellowish, then it is possible your vagina is more alkaline.

Change in discharge odour- fishy smell or foul smell from vagina can also be a factor to determine change in pH level.

Discomfort or itching around vagina- Itchiness and discomfort near your vaginal opening may also be a sign of too alkaline pH level of vagina. It can also cause burning sensation while peeing and can affect your sexual health as well.

Home Remedies to Maintain Normal Vaginal pH Level

1. Take more Probiotics in your diet

Probiotics have good bacteria in them that are beneficial for maintaining pH balance in the vagina. Probiotics can help to fight infection and can aid in providing health benefits to the person. It can be taken by consuming a number of fermented foods. 

Lactobacilli can also be taken by-

  • Oral supplement
  • Intra-vaginally
  • In probiotic food like yogurt, kefir, kimchi and sauerkraut


2. Boric acid suppositories 

This easy to access remedy has been long used treat BV and maintain pH balance. Efficiency of it is not still proven yet but there have been studies relating to benefits of boric acid in pH balance. It works well if there is a slight imbalance of pH level and hence it can be used as a remedy to maintain pH level in your body.

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3. Try some distress activities

It is found that stress affect your vaginal pH level. Stress can also affect many other factors which affect your health and result to spikes in cortisol and BV. Even though it is very hard to get rid of stress because of our daily functioning and tight routine, indulging in some relaxing activities may help.

You can consider these stress busters to maintain your vaginal pH level.

Exercising- It can increase production of endomorphins that are neurotransmitters that help to reduce stress.

Deep breathing exercises- Helps to oxygenate blood and clear your mind, reduce stress

Listen to some music- Music is always a great stress buster and helps to relax your body.

Practise your hobbies- Indulge in activities that you love; it can create a positive impact on your health and reduce stress.


4. Quit Smoking

Smoking is directly related to pH balance in the body. Smoking can affect your vaginal mircobiota and reduces lactobacillus from your vagina. People who do not smoke have better vaginal and overall health. They are also at lower risk of having any vaginal infection and bacterial infection in the vagina. If you can quit smoking, it can affect your sexual health and help improve vaginal pH balance.


5. Be Mindful of Cleaning Vulva and Vagina

Sometimes attractive looking products are used by women to clean their vagina and vulva. These cleaners have great fragrance but are not beneficial for your health. It can disrupt your vaginal pH and also create yeast infection in vagina. Vaginal washes that have additional fragrance or sanitary pads etc can have those fragrances from chemicals that are harmful for you. Hence you should avoid using scented products to maintain your pH balance.

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6. Pay Attention to your undergarment

Your underwear can affect your health in several ways. Maintaining good hygiene in your underwear can improve your pH balance. For this you can opt for these things-

  1. Washing underwear with hypoallergenic detergent
  2. Going pantie-free for night to prevent moisture build-up if possible
  3. Wear underwear made of natural and breathable fabric like cotton
  4. If there is abundance of moisture then change your underwear twice a day. 

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