5 Types Of Bone Strengthening Exercises To Prevent Rickets Disorder

Rickets can be quite problematic bone condition. Here are some types of exercises that can help in preventing this disorder.

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5 Types Of Bone Strengthening Exercises To Prevent Rickets Disorder

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Exercise is a always beneficial to cure a number of health problems and also prevent them from affecting your health. Rickets is disorder of weak and soft bones because of which the structure of person is affected. This condition is caused by deficiency of vitamin D in the body along with some other important minerals. In majority of cases it happens in small children but it can also affect adults similarly. Hence today we will talk about 5 types of exercises of activities that you can do to prevent rickets bone disorder. 

How is Exercise Affective for Rickets?

Some of you may think how exercise can be helpful in preventing rickets as exercises may put more pressure on the bones. The answer is that rickets are caused when the body is unable to absorb calcium and vitamin D, exercises and these activities activate tissues and aids the body in absorbing these essential nutrients in the body which can treat and prevent a person from having rickets. Hence 5 types of exercises can prove to be effective against rickets, they are-


  • Yoga
  • Walking or running
  • Weightlifting
  • Playing tennis
  • Dancing

5 Bone Strengthening Exercises for Rickets

1. Weightlifting

This is a very old technique to build strong muscles and bones. But for rickets, weightlifting does not particularly mean lifting heavy weights instead; it is more of pulling weights of light amount just to increase the density and amount of absorption rate on the bones. This is because when weight is exerted on the muscles continuously, it also makes the bones thrive for more energy, calcium and vitamin-D in order to sustain the weights. This can help to prevent people from getting rickets and other bone disorder such as osteoporosis etc.

2. Yoga

Yoga is a most powerful exercise that can be done to prevent the condition of rickets and bone disorders. This is because yoga enables balance of the body and improves flexibility of the body as well. Even doctors and bone specialists also tell people to exercise yoga to improve their bone condition and functioning of the bones. It reduces the chances of bones to break, especially in older people. 

This also prevents risk of fractures which become evident because of condition of rickets like 

  • Wrist fracture
  • Hip fracture
  • Lose of balance 
  • General leg fracture


3. Walking or jogging

Walking regularly or jogging is also a beneficial option in maintaining health of a person. This is because walking supports body weight and as you put force on your feet, it stresses your bones which make them absorb vitamins in order to perform the function smoothly. Jogging is also a healthy activity to prevent rickets and bone disorder. Overuse of bones and muscles are also not good for rickets whereas inactivity can increase the chance of rickets as well.

Hence it is important to go for a walk or jog for around 20-30 minutes in day to stay away from this bone condition. Jogging is more impactful exercise; hence try to take time out for this more often.

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4. Dancing

This is an enjoyable activity that is not done on a regular basis in general. However dancing is a very fruitful exercise when it comes to bone health. This is because dancing puts pressure and indulges many bones at a single time, which increases bone strength and prevent bone disorder from happening. Dancing is a activity which increases body function and thus enables more nutrients to absorb in the body which improves health of the body as a whole. This is a high impact exercise and doing it daily for even 20 minutes is quite enough.

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5. Playing Tennis

Most of the people think that tennis is a normal game which does not do much benefit to your body. However this is not true, it is basically one of the intense games that put pressure on every muscles of the body and running around in the court can be beneficial to prevent rickets as well. Running in the court with a good enough heavy racket in hand is also intense workout for bones especially arms, legs, shoulder and wrist. It also enables hip, knees, elbow and other joint bones to function well in order to play tennis. Hence this can be useful game and activity to prevent rickets from occurring in the body.

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