Germiest parts of your body that you shouldn't touch

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Jul 16, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Touching face can result in outbreak of diseases.
  • Sticking finger in ear can tear thin skin.
  • Touching eyes can transfer germs to the body.
  • Touching mouth gives direct entry to germs into your body.

There are certain spots on the body that when touched with bare, germ-loaded hands can transfer countless germs to your body.
As research suggests, your hands have a major role to play in transferring of germs to body. Therefore, harmful bacteria and viruses can find a direct way into your body when membranes in your nostrils, mouth and eyes are touched constantly. So, unless you wash your hands every time you touch these parts, avoid coming in contact with them.

Here are some of the parts of your body you should keep your hands off from.

Keep hands off these body parts


Touching your face should be restricted only to washing and applying skin products. Touching your forehead after coming in contact with a germy surface increases the likelihood of falling sick.

Ear canal

Sticking fingers in the ear to remove wax is not a healthy habit. Putting your finger or anything else in your ear can tear the thin skin that lines the ear canal. No DIYs should be tried to fix an itching ear.


Germs can easily find their way into your eyes, unless your hands keep out of the area or you wash them to remove every little particle that entered.

Keep hands off these body parts


A study published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology found that a third to a quarter of germs tested transferred from study subjects’ fingers to their mouths. Besides, millions of viruses can be found in typical cough or sneeze saliva droplets, implying that each time you cover your mouth with hand, the viruses get transferred to your palm.

Inside the nostrils

A 2006 study of ear, nose and throat patients showed that nose pickers were 51 percent more likely to carry Staohylococcu aureus bacteria in their schnozzles than people who did not indulge in such unhygienic habits.

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