Gas problems in babies: Know symptoms and treatment

Is your baby crying continuously? It can be gas. Gas is a common problem in babies. Here are symptoms and ways to deal with it.

Varsha Vats
Newborn CareWritten by: Varsha VatsPublished at: Dec 06, 2018
Gas problems in babies: Know symptoms and treatment

Babies can get gas easily. The baby can get very irritated due to the trapped gas in the belly. Sometimes the baby can even feel pain. Gas can occur due to many reasons like problem in the digestive tract, swallowing air while breastfeeding or sucking a pacifier. Just like adults babies face many problems due to gas in their bellies. It often becomes hard to understand the reason behind a fussy baby. There are several reasons behind crying. But there are certain symptoms which can help you understand that your baby is suffering from gastric problems. Some of the symptoms are:

  • Continuous crying
  • Unnecessary bloating
  • Hard tummy

You should check your baby's belly by softly touching it. If you feel that your baby's tummy is hard and the baby cries while touching it, then it could be gas.

Ways to treat gas in babies

Maintain position while feeding

The way you feed your baby matters a lot. Incorrect feeding position can lead to gas in babies. While feeding make sure that the baby's head is placed higher than its stomach. This posture makes sure that the milk goes down to the stomach and the air comes up which can be easily burped out. When you keep your baby on your lap then make sure that you keep your legs in such a position that the baby's head is slightly higher or you can also use a soft pillow to support the neck.

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Always burp your baby

Follow it as a rule to make your baby burp every time you feed your baby. It is the best way to prevent excess gas inside the baby's stomach. After feeding wait for few minutes and then hold your baby on your shoulder and pat gently on its back. If it does not work then lay down your baby on its back and wait for few minutes and try again.


Massaging the baby's tummy is another easy way to stop gas from getting trapped. It will help the gas to move easily inside the stomach and intestine. You can massage your baby's stomach in a circular motion. You can also use some baby oil or cream to give massage to your baby's stomach.

Gripe water

Gripe water has been used since ages to solve all stomach related problems in babies. It can also help in preventing gas in babies. Gripe water contains sodium bicarbonate with water and many herbs. It is also one of the safest ways to treat gas in babies. It can work in just five minutes. It can soothe your baby effectively in no time.

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Take care of your baby's diet

Make sure that you consult your baby's doctor before feeding it anything except breast milk. If you are giving juice then only give them natural juice. Make sure that you ask your doctor about the quantity and the fruit you should give to your baby.

Do not give any medicine to your baby without your doctor's consultation. You should be very careful before giving any medicine to your baby. If your baby is crying continuously and feeling a lot of discomfort then you should go to the doctor immediately.

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