Basics of a Good Sleep for your Baby

Babies often have difficulty in sleeping, and parents try their best to put them back to sleep. This is definitely tiring for you and bad for the baby. Here are some basics to put your baby to sleep.

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Written by: Varsha VatsUpdated at: Sep 29, 2018 11:00 IST
Basics of a Good Sleep for your Baby

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Waking up at midnight to attend to a wailing baby is pretty normal for all parents. Babies most times have been found to go through bad sleep at night, and parents after their tiring day at work have a hard time attending to a wailing baby in the middle of the night. But if you understand the basics of your baby’s sleep you will know what it takes to put the little one to sleep. 

There are many reasons for a baby to wake up at night and lots of parents face this problem. Mothers often find that babies have sleep problem and they also at times refuse to go to bed or wake up in the night. It is possible that babies in their process of developing both mentally and physically might try out new exciting skills that they have learned and can find themselves to be unable to settle down.

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In the first few months your baby can be breast fed to sleep and this is definitely a great way. Then with the passage of time your baby will start to understand the difference between night and day and in three or four months times you can take your baby out of the habit of feeling to sleep. This is only allow you to get free from the circle of feeding to sleep every time your baby wakes up. Know what the basics of putting your baby to sleep are.

A Chance to Sleep on its Own

You have to give your baby a chance to sleep on its own, without the help of breast feeding from about six to eight weeks. Put your baby down on its back when sleepy, because too much of rocking or feeding before every sleeping time can make your baby depend on it. But then again, it is up to you to decide what is best, and be careful because a new born must get help to sleep.

Active Daytime

You need to make day time feeds more active and lively and night time feeds more quiet and calm. This will ensure that your baby understands the difference between night and day. This will also help to set your baby’s body clock and you will find it easier to handle your baby’s sleeping habits.

A Clear Daily Routine

One of the best ways to encourage a smooth bedtime routine for your baby is by being consistent. If you make sure that your baby naps, eats, plays and gets ready to go to bed at the same time everyday then your baby will be much more susceptible to fall asleep without any struggle. It is the same like that in adults! A routine is important for proper functioning of the human body.

A Security Object

You could give your baby a security object such as a baby blanket or a stuffed toy. Now babies have a strong sense of smell, and one way to make your baby hooked on to this kind of an object is by keeping it with you so that it can catch your smell. When such an object becomes mom scented your baby will get your smell and feel a sense of security. This could lead your little one to sleep well.

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Cuddle Up

You could put your baby in your bed and comfort the little one to make it understand that it is time for sleep. Lie down together and cuddle your baby and pretend to sleep make sure your baby gets to know that it is bedtime!

Finally always make sure to remove all common allergens from your baby’s bed. Common allergens such as pet dander, lint, dust, feathers from pillows can interrupt your baby’s sleep. You must ensure that your baby is in a very comfortable and dry environment. This will keep your baby comfortable and will also prevent mold from growing.

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