From Ginger To Chamomile: Here Are Some Food That Prevent Bloating And Promotes Digestive Wellness

Bloating is typically caused by digestive issues, although hormones and stress can also play a role. There may be an underlying medical condition.

Sambhav Kumar
Written by: Sambhav KumarUpdated at: May 25, 2023 13:45 IST
From Ginger To Chamomile: Here Are Some Food That Prevent Bloating And Promotes Digestive Wellness

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In a fast-paced, modern life, it's easy to become victims of an unwelcome sensation that affects many of us. We are talking about bloating, which is an unpleasant symptom that affects our digestive system. It happens when the stomach feels full, tight, and swollen as a result of too much gas or fluid retention.

There are a variety of natural therapies available to help relieve bloating and support digestive health. 

It is important to note that the journey to banish bloating begins from mindful eating, so you can consider including the following food with a capacity to ease an upset stomach. To know more about foods that prevents bloating, we spoke to Dr. Manoj Vithlani,MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine),Consultant, Sr. Consultant physician & diabetologist, HCG Hospitals, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.



Ginger has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for various digestive issues, including bloating. According to Journal Foods, active compounds, such as gingerol, aid in digestion by relaxing the intestinal muscles and reducing inflammation. Ginger can be consumed in many forms, including ginger tea, grated ginger in meals, or even as a supplement.


Peppermint is renowned for its soothing properties on the digestive system. It helps relax the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract, relieving bloating and discomfort. A warm cup of peppermint tea after a meal can promote healthy digestion and reduce bloating effectively.

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As per National Centre for Complementary Health and Integrative Health, pineapple contains an enzyme called bromelain, which aids in breaking down proteins and supporting digestion. This enzyme helps reduce bloating by improving the overall digestive process. Enjoy some fresh pineapple as a delicious snack or add it to your favourite smoothie for a tropical twist.


Papaya is another tropical fruit rich in enzymes that aid digestion. It contains papain, which assists in breaking down proteins and reducing bloating. Adding papaya to your diet can help ease digestive discomfort and promote regularity.


Fennel has long been used as a digestive aid due to its carminative properties, meaning it helps expel gas from the digestive tract. It can alleviate bloating, cramps, and indigestion. Enjoy fennel by incorporating it into salads, soups, or by chewing on the seeds after a meal.


Cucumbers are not only hydrating but also effective at reducing bloating. They have a high water content and are rich in fibre, making them excellent for promoting healthy digestion. Add sliced cucumber to salads or infuse water with cucumber slices for a refreshing twist.


Yogurt, particularly those containing live cultures or probiotics, can help balance the gut flora and improve digestion. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that promote a healthy gut environment, reducing bloating and other digestive discomforts. 


Asparagus is a natural diuretic that can help reduce water retention and bloating. It also contains prebiotic fibres that nourish the gut bacteria, promoting a healthy digestive system. Enjoy asparagus lightly steamed or roasted for a flavorful and nutritious addition to your meals.

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Chamomile tea is not only soothing and relaxing but also aids digestion. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties and can help alleviate bloating and indigestion. Sip on a warm cup of chamomile tea after a meal to calm your stomach and promote overall digestive wellness.

Bloating can disrupt our daily lives and cause discomfort, but it doesn't have to be a constant struggle. Incorporating these nine bloating-busting foods into your diet can help alleviate digestive distress and promote overall wellness. Remember to listen to your body, make mindful food choices, and stay hydrated to maintain a healthy and happy digestive system.

Before making any changes in your diet it is advisable to seek guidance from a registered medical practitioner or a nutritionist.