5 Amazing Food Parts That We Usually Discard But Are Very Useful

The way you use food items will change after reading this article. Learn new ways to utilize the often discarded food parts.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Apr 13, 2020
5 Amazing Food Parts That We Usually Discard But Are Very Useful

From lemon peel to boiled chickpea water, here is a long list of food parts that we usually discard or throw away. We see them as useless stuff but in reality, you can use them in multiple ways. And to top it all, the discarded parts often are more nutritious than the main part! Think about the global food wastage percentage and how much you are contributing to it every day, a person dies of hunger and we are wasting food because we can afford it. We should consider ourselves lucky to have food to eat. let’s take a pledge to stop food wastage and utilize the remains. This article will help you find the best ways to make use of the discarded food parts. 

1. Lemon or citrus zest

We squeeze out the juice and then throw away the peel in the dustbin. That’s what most of us do. No wonder the juice or flesh part has the maximal content but that doesn’t mean that rinds are of no use. You can grate the zest and add as a salad dressing as well as in curries to enhance the taste. Plus, this will save the extra juice too!

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2. Chickpea water

Not many people know but chickpea water recently became popular as aquafaba. This is considered to be liquid gold for health. There is so much that this can help you in cooking as well as baking. This liquid has the property to create a foam which makes it an ideal substitute for an egg.

3. Pickle juice

By pickles, we don’t mean the Indian traditional pickles. It is the pickles that we prepare with vinegar. As we are done eating the pickled foods, we usually empty the can throwing away the juice which is wrong! This juice has a great taste which when added to food or curries can enhance the flavor. You must try this.

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4. Watermelon rinds 

Summers are here and so are watermelons. What you do with the rinds after eating the watermelon, throw away, right? But do you know they make for a good food item too? You can pickle them as well as them into your salad bowl, make chutneys and even smoothies! Next time, don’t throw but use.

5. Yogurt whey

It is the watery liquid that you see as the top layer on the yogurt can. Mostly, we throw away the water thinking it of no use but it is actually an elixir. With the same tanginess as yogurt, this liquid is rich in probiotics, calcium and vitamins that you can use in cooking. If the quantity is large, you may also drink it, it tastes yum.

6. Herb stems

The food presentation looks incomplete without coriander leaves. Its chutney also tastes delicious. But that’s about the leaves, what do you do with its stem? The most common answer is- throw away. In case you don’t know, the stem has the juice and flavor which is stronger than the leaves. You must use it in your food.

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