5 Easy to learn self defense techniques everyone should know

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Feb 03, 2016
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  • Every woman should know some basic self defense moves.
  • Long nail can be helpful in tough times.
  • PUnching your attacker on the nose is an effective defence.
  • Use your keys to make your punch deadly.

With the scaring high crime rates, have you ever wondered what would you do, if you ever get attacked or come across some unfortunate incident? Sounds crazy right? Of course it's crazy, but it can happen to anyone, anytime. Therefore, instead of giving up and getting scared to death, protect yourself by using these simple defense techniques! Every woman must know at least simple and basic self defense moves to defend her.


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Grow your nails

It may sound funny but, having long nails can be helpful in tough times. When you can't find anything to protect yourself you can use your long nails to scratch the attacker. It may get you the window you would need to escape unharmed.


Know how to loosen the wrist hold and get away

Knowing defense techniques does not mean you have to be a black belt in karate or anything. It’s all about using some basic tricks. Pull your arm towards the weakest point on your attacker’s hand grip and that would be the point where the thumb and fingers meet.


Punch on the nose

Curl your fingers into a firm fist and throw it as hard as you can on your attackers face, hitting bang on his nose. Attacking on the forehead won’t help you much, but hitting someone on nose turns out to be more effective.


Make use of your comb

Almost every women like to carry comb in her bag, so, if you are one of those, you can turn you comb into a weapon to defend yourself. Now the question arises how? Well, all you need to do is try pressing the teeth of the comb against the upper lip of your attacker, hurting him so badly that he will be forced to leave you.


Keep your keys handy

Your keys can turn a simple punch into a furious blow. Just hold your keys in your wrist with them pointing out from between your fingers and punch your attacker  really hard.




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