Does Eating Fennel Seeds Help In Weight Loss? Read Answer and Other Benefits Here

Weight loss is just one of the many health benefits of including fennel seeds in your diet. Read other benefits and side-effects in this article.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Dec 22, 2021 16:23 IST
Does Eating Fennel Seeds Help In Weight Loss? Read Answer and Other Benefits Here

Fennel seeds have a permanent place in an Indian kitchen because of its myriad uses. It is so versatile that it can be used as a spice and mouth freshener both. A lot of people consume fennel seeds or saunf after meals along with jaggery and/or mishri to combat odour and promote digestion. But have you ever thought why it is served as a mouth freshener? The answer to it is, that fennel seeds have such ingredients that could help cover the bad breath from the mouth after a meal. But it is just one of the benefits of 'saunf'. Here we bring you some of the health benefits of eating fennel seeds.

Are Fennel Seeds Good for Weight Loss?

Fennel seeds have an amazing capability to increase metabolism, which prevents indigestion and helps in the reduction of fat. Also if taken incorrect quantity, saunf is seen to regulate blood sugar levels and boost s insulin sensitivity. As told by Ms. Priyanka Agarwal, Dietitian, Max Hospital Noida, “you can reap weight loss benefits of fennel seeds only if you take with along with proper balanced diet. High calorie diet with fennel seeds doesn't help in weight reduction.”

When asked about the different ways to consume fennel seeds or saunf, here is the list that you can refer to:

  • Herbal teas
  • Healthy drinks and beverages
  • Mouth freshener
  • Soak overnight along with mint for body detoxification as it is diuretic in nature

Are there any side-effects of overconsumption of fennel seeds?

As per Ms. Agarwal, there are no side-effects of fennel seeds as such if you consume it in moderation. Excess of anything is injurious even if it is a healthy food. Some people, however, do experience skin allergies after consuming fennel seeds which only happens when you consume it in excess. Here are certain exemptions to consider:

  • People with kidney diseases should avoid consuming fennel seeds as these are high in potassium
  • Those who take anticoagulants must not have fennel seeds as these slow down blood clotting

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Other Health Benefits Of Consuming Fennel Seeds

Not just weight loss but fennel seeds are also potent in uplifting holistic health by offering the below-mentioned health benefits. 

Prevents indigestion

Saunf or fennel seeds have aromatic ingredients that provide a pleasant fragrance and fresh feel to your mouth. It also helps in boosting the salivary glands which increase the saliva formation in the mouth. You can have fennel tea for indigestion and weight loss.

  • clean teeth
  • helps in exotification
  • boosts digestion
Controls hypertension

Saunf has been found to provide amazing benefits to health and especially when it comes to cardiovascular-related functions. Fennel seeds have the capability to control hypertension, in other words, it brings down high blood pressure. Saunf consists of potassium which is well known to have several cardiovascular-friendly properties.

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Improves digestion and prevents constipation

Saunf has lots of soluble dietary fiber which helps in enhancing digestion. Moreover, it is also supposed to add bulk to the stool. But as it is said, 'excess of anything is bad', one must ensure that there should not be over-consumption of saunf. As it may actually worsen the condition of your stomach (constipation).

Prevents gas and bloating

Saunf helps to deal with the water-retention issues, due to its diuretic nature. Hence, it helps you to get relief from gas and bloating. It could also help to get rid of the nausea that is caused after eating, which creates uneasiness among people.

We all understand that weight loss is elusive! People run miles to get into shape and sometimes they even leave their favorite food for fitness. But what happens? Ultimately the nutshell result is 'zero'. If you have tried hard to shed those extra-kilos and still not received the goal, then fennel seeds or 'saunf' may help you out. Don’t be shocked as this spice could actually be your weight loss friend.

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