Feeling Sad After Binge Eating? Here Are Four Reasons Behind It

You must have often felt that sometimes you refuse to eat your favourite things too. Let us tell you why you feel like this.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: May 07, 2020Updated at: May 12, 2020
Feeling Sad After Binge Eating? Here Are Four Reasons Behind It

Food provides energy to our body to perform day to day activities. Our body continually needs calories and nutrients to function correctly. In such a situation, it is imperative to eat clean and healthy food to keep our body healthy and fit. But sometimes it happens that even our favourite things cannot brighten up our mood. Instead, we feel ill even after eating good nutritious and healthy food. Also, you experience gas, bloating and pain in the stomach and cannot understand why it is happening to you. So let us give you four surprising reasons why you feel bad after having your meal.

Why do you feel inadequate even after eating?


You will not believe that stress can spoil your food taste too! But it is true. If you are upset with your mind or something else is going on in your life, you will not know what and how you ate. You may feel ill after a meal due to stress. Do you know tension has a horrible effect on your digestive system? When you are stressed, your body goes into an off mode. This increases your heart rate, i.e. heartbeat, and makes your muscles hard. It can make your intestine suffer from diseases such as bloating, gas, and bowel syndrome.

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stomach flu

People also feel ill after eating food due to stomach infection. It is a common bug and is also known as stomach flu. It infects the intestine and triggers symptoms such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. This is a spreading infection, so if you feel a little bit like this, then you should contact the doctor. Stomach-flu often results from the intake of contaminated food or water. If it is not treated immediately, then you can also come in the grip of some severe disease.

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Do not chew food properly

Dropping food down, not chewing it properly, eating without interest can cause digestive problems. After eating food, the actual digestive process starts in our mouth. Our salivary glands release some enzymes even before our food is bitten. When we chew food, saliva softens it, so that it breaks easily when it reaches our stomach. If you do not eat your food properly, your digestive system has to do a lot of work for the digestive process, which can cause bloating and irritable bowel syndrome.

Are you food-sensitive?

If you are feeling uneasy after your meal and your stomach is aching, then you may be food-sensitive. What is a food sensitivity? It means that due to being sensitive to food, you can feel bulky and heavy. Each time this happens, keep a log of the food you have eaten. Note if there is a pattern in it. If so, consult your doctor if you are sensitive to any particular food item or may also have a stomach infection.

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