5 Signs That Indicate Your Partner is Emotionally Cheating On You

Emotional cheating is also a type of cheating that some partners do. Here is how to identify if your partner is doing it.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: May 22, 2022 13:30 IST
5 Signs That Indicate Your Partner is Emotionally Cheating On You

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Honesty is the one thing that everybody look for in their partner. Whether it is a budding relationship or marital association, genuine people want their partners to be loyal and honest with them. Sometimes, people pretend to be someone they are actually not just to get into a relationship which later affects both the partners especially the one who got cheated. There are various types of cheating including affairs out of relationship as well as emotional cheating. It is not easy to find if someone is trustworthy or not because emotional cheaters are not easily identified. So, if you have recently got into a relationship or you feel something is fishy with your partner, here are five signs of emotional cheating to look out for.

1. Giving more importance to a third person

It is normal to regard someone sometimes over a certain thing or topic but if your partner is giving more value and attention to a third person’s thoughts, it is a red flag. He/she might be emotionally cheating on you. Even if your partner seem to have a formal an non-romantic vibe with that third person, you must put it under the scanner. If your partner spends more time with the third person or consistently talks about them even when being physically present with you, it is a sign of emotional cheating.

2. Fights without a reason

Emotional cheating signs in partner

It is okay to have arguments and conflicts between a couple over small and big issues. But having disputes and fights for no reason is something to worry about. If your partner starts arguments without any genuine reason, tries to dominate you all the time and tries to get his point across by showing anger, then it is highly likely because of emotional cheating that he is up to. Unnecessary anger or emotional outburst happens mostly when a person tries to hide something.

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3. Partner lying a lot

If your partner lies to you most of the time and you can sense it, you must take a stand and try to find out what is wrong. Once in a while lies is okay and can be ignored but frequent lies indicate that he/she is hiding something big from you. They try to manipulate you and your emotions by telling lies over and over again. If you find out them lying, analyze the patterns and see if this is a regular thing. For example, they stay out for longer and make excuses of work, extra shifts, etc. on a regular basis. This is a sign of emotional cheating.

Emotional cheating signs in partner

4. Lots of fights and unexpected shower of love

There is a nature of a person that cannot be changed until and unless they pretend to do so. If your partner fights a lot with you but suddenly showers you with love and romantic gestures, this can be a sign of emotional cheating. They hardly care about you but suddenly become very loving and caring, there is something fishy. It is basically a cover-up gesture that they do in order to make up for the ignorance and fights just so you don’t doubt them or find out about their real nature.

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5. Caught cheating red handed

If you catch your partner cheating red-handed and he/she make all kinds of excuses to hide the truth, undoubtedly, it is cheating. Trying to be too polite with you all of a sudden after that incident shows that all this while, they were emotionally cheating on you.

This is a reality check that people must do on their partners once in a while. This prevents getting cheated and saving your emotions and life from a cheater.

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