Dry Scalp In Babies: Symptoms, Causes and Ways To Treat At Home

Many new borns have a dry scalp right since birth or due to other reasons. Here are the symptoms, causes and some tips to treat this at home.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Nov 11, 2020
Dry Scalp In Babies: Symptoms, Causes and Ways To Treat At Home

A newborn baby is very sensitive, especially in winters. An infant requires attention and gentle care all the time. From skin to health, this is the season when babies are even more delicate than usual. The external factors can affect your baby within the blink of an eye. In winters, they tend to get red rashes, dryness, dry scalp and chapped lips, faster than adults. Talking about dry scalp in babies, when there is an excessive white and yellow scalp layer, it is called cradle cap or seborrheic dermatitis. Dry scalp in babies is normal and can be easily treated at home. To understand all about infants, it is a new learning phase for many first time parents. In this article, you will get to know about the causes, symptoms and simple ways to treat dry scalp in babies at home.

Causes of dry scalp in babies

dry scalp

The exact reason behind dry scalp in babies is not stated. However, there are a couple of factors that might be a cause. Like, the most common cause that can give a dry scalp in newborns is cradle cap. Another very common reason is over washing the hair. One has to be very careful with the number of times and period of time to bathe an infant. In fact, you have to even keep in mind to wash off the shampoo from the infant's head properly as left over shampoo can also create dandruff. Too much skin oil in the oil glands can also contribute towards baby's dry scalp. Some allergies can also become a cause in making the newborn's scalp dry. 

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Dry scalp in babies symptoms

Any of the causes of dry scalp doesn't itch or make the baby uncomfortable. Babies can develop this mostly from the time period of 2 weeks to 12 months of age. Here are some common signs that you might notice if your baby has a dry scalp:

  • Dry skin flakes
  • A little redness
  • White or yellow thick layer
  • Scaly or rough skin

Dry scalp in babies treatment

Dry scalp in infants usually clears out on its own within a few days or weeks. However, there are at home solutions to get rid of it. However, take care that you don't end up giving an allergic reaction to your baby. A doctor's advice would be recommended before trying any remedy. Here are some ways to treat dry scalp in babies at home:

1. Olive oil/coconut oil massage

A massage on the head with olive or coconut oil can actually help in reducing the dryness. The flaky skin will start vanishing if you apply these oils gently everyday after giving a bath to the baby.

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2. Use anti dandruff shampoos for babies

You can also try using anti dandruff shampoos, if the pediatrician allows it. Dandruff is another reason for dry scalp. So, eliminating it can actually help your baby overcome this problem. So, if you see baby dandruff signs, you can use those shampoos.


3. Hydrocortisone cream, if recommended by doctor

It is safe to use hydrocortisone cream for a shorter period of time. You can talk to the doctor and only then try this way.  Hydrocortisone cream can remove cradle cap, dryness and inflammation. 

4. Try changing the shampoo timings

You can also try changing the shampoo timings to see if there's any change in the stage of baby dry scalp. Sometimes, reducing the number can help, while cradle cap demands more head washing too.

These were the symptoms, causes and some ways to help out with dry scalp in babies. If there is no success from these remedies, you can always talk to the pediatrician for treatment.

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