Here Are 6 Tips To Improve Newborn Baby Hair Growth

Many newborn babies don't have much hair even after months of birth or the growth is very slow. Hence, we have 6 tips to increase their hair growth.

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Newborn CareWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Oct 09, 2020Updated at: Oct 09, 2020
Here Are 6 Tips To Improve Newborn Baby Hair Growth

Parenting is very challenging for every parent, especially taking care of a newborn baby is a task in itself. This new phase of life makes you learn a lot of things. In fact, babies can catch diseases, allergies and infections quite quickly than adults. They are very sensitive and tender. You can't put every other home remedy or artificial chemical product on your baby's skin or hair. It is always quoted that genes of the baby decide that how will the growth of the hair be. Also, it is not always the same. It cannot be firmly predicted that an infant will continue to have the same type of hair growth/volume as he/she is born. Some babies continue with the same type of growth and some develop a different texture, colour or thickness. You don't really have to panic if your baby has a bald spot because it's very normal that they might loose their inherent hair. 

Tips to improve baby hair growth 

Usually, a baby's hair normalizes after crossing a certain age. Furthermore, if you wish to increase the rate of hair growth of your baby, below given are some tips that you can follow: 

1. Nourishment


It is one of the most influential factors. While you breastfeed your baby you should make sure that you follow a healthy and balanced diet. Nourishment is one of the most influential factors that can help in increasing baby's hair growth. Afterwards, when you switch to a solid diet try and include various types of food such as greens, fruits, cereals and pulses for better hair growth. 

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2. Massaging

Massaging your baby's head with oils like coconut oil or sesame seed oil every now and then will stimulate the hair growth and increase the blood supply. You should follow circular motion for better results. 

3. Lay on the tummy

If your baby lies on the back the whole day it might result in occurance of lose patches of hair or flat head. You can eradicate this problem changing the posture of your baby frequently. Make them lie on tummy for some time everyday. 

4. Comb the baby's hair carefully

Activities of the baby include lying on their back, tummy, twisting etc. and these can be a major reason for entangled hair. Using your fingers or a soft baby brush can help you to detangle the hair gently.


5. Head wash

Using a tear-free baby shampoo would be a boon here. It will increase the blood circulation and will also generate hygiene of the baby's scalp. 

6. Hairstyles

You might want to experiment a lot with your baby's hair but braiding their hair or tying them tightly would loosen the roots of the hair. To avoid this problem you should tie the hair loosely using simple hair pins (tic-tacs). And, to satisfy your experimenting side you can trim the hair after every few months. This will generate better hair growth and the results can be incredible. 

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Lastly, yes hereditary plays a vital role in the prediction of growth, volume, colour or texture of the hair. It can still be moulded a bit with the help of the suggestions given above. It is said that by 2 years of age your baby's head would have full hair growth. But remember if you notice any vacant spots or scarce hair growth you should consult a doctor to avoid any future glitches.

(Written By Navya Kharbanda)

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