The Importance Of Making The Baby Burp After Feeding And Right Ways To Do

Burping is important for a newborn as it helps in releasing the air trapped in his stomach. Read this article to find the right way to burp a baby.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Mar 04, 2020 07:49 IST
The Importance Of Making The Baby Burp After Feeding And Right Ways To Do

Babies may be small but they need everything in a similar way as an older person. Just as it is necessary for the child to get out of the milk consumed in time through defecation, it is also necessary to belch. Doctors say that sometimes the baby's stomach gets filled with air, which is very important to get out in some form or the other. If this is not the case, the child may get constipation. Excessive gas can cause pain in your baby's stomach. He needs your help to get his body belched to relieve excessive gas and discomfort.

How To Burp An Newborn?

  • If your baby is drinking milk intermittently or slowly, then this is the right time to burp. However, your baby tries to belch out when they weep and swallow more air.
  • Perform belching by gently patting your child's back. Tap your baby's back with a soft handshake and do this device while rubbing.

  • Choose different situations here to help your baby burp, which is convenient for both of you.
  • When you are sitting upright, hold your child and its little rest is on your shoulders. Support your child's back and lower back (buttocks) with one hand while gently patting and rubbing the child's back with one hand.
  • Tilt the baby's body forward, though you support his chest and head with one hand and gently pat the baby's back with one hand.
  • In this situation, when you turn his face and stomach (by turning the child upside down), gently pat him on the back.
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The child needs belching when he is fussy or moving all over the stomach, in which case he probably feels most gassy. While feeding milk, stop the baby from stopping. While breastfeeding, whenever you have yellowed the milk from your breast, you should make your baby burp. After feeding your baby in a proper position, get him to belch to avoid having to withdraw or vomit. It is normal to remove your baby after drinking milk.

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Is it okay if the baby cry during the process?

Some babies do cry before, during or after burping. This could be due to the uneasiness they are feeling or unable to get the air out of them through burping. Parents need to take a close check if the baby cries frequently during burping as this could signal towards an underlying problem that the newborn is suffering from. They must consult a pediatrician immediately to find if everything is alright with the baby.

Other than that, they must make the baby burp in the right manner, as mentioned above. Doing this would help the baby burp easily and effectively.

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Often you have heard the elderly saying that it is necessary for the baby to cry a little. Today's pediatricians also consider it right that crying causes good exercise of the baby's muscles and the lungs get sufficient oxygen. Also, they must be fed every three hours so that they get the necessary nutrition through food.

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