Does Sodium Make You Gain Weight Or Just Retain Water?

Will eating too much sodium make you gain weight or retain water?

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Sep 08, 2020 19:49 IST
Does Sodium Make You Gain Weight Or Just Retain Water?

Does diclofenac sodium make you gain weight? Do you know that sodium is the major component of salt, which is consumed through table salt? Sodium reduces the concentration of electrolytes in the blood and triggers one’s thirst mechanism. Kidneys retain water to balance the electrolyte concentration in your body. It also boosts the water concentration in the blood; this moves, make the different body tissues swell and develop a disease called oedema. How do you increase weight? Your increased weight could be a result of your intake of highly salted foods (foods high on sodium), such as fast, junk and packaged foods. These foods contain ample amount of dietary fat and are high on calories. Do you want to keep a check on your weight? If yes, then choose a diet which is inclusive of fresh vegetables, fruits, lean protein, whole grains and low-fat dairy products, (i.e. a diet naturally low in sodium).

What are the sodium recommendations? Can overeating sodium make you gain weight? 

Do you know what should be sodium intake? It must be kept low to prevent resultant weight gain and water retention. What is a person’s daily sodium intake? It must be less than (two thousand three hundred) 2,300 mg. How to reduce sodium intake? Some people suffer from sodium sensitivity so they can improve their condition by reducing the amount to (one thousand five hundred) 1,500 mg per day. Other than water retention or weight gain, do you know that high sodium intake might shoot up your blood pressure?

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Why does the body need sodium? Does sodium valproate make you put on weight?

Are you aware that sodium is an electrolyte? Yes, and body cells conduct electricity by it. The proper functioning of the skeletal muscle cells and heart depend on sodium. Do you consume too much sodium? If yes, then end doing it because the body will retain water by compensating the added positively charged ions. This makes it difficult for you to fit in your old jeans, as it disturbs the proper functioning of your body.

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How to reduce sodium intake? Does sodium bicarbonate make you lose weight?

  • Lifestyle and dietary changes are needed to cut down the consumption of sodium.
  • Avoid eating convenient, processed and packaged foods, especially junk food. These are usually high on calories as well as on fats and sodium. 
  • Check labels for sodium content and always choose low-sodium food options.

  • Eat natural foods such as vegetables, lean protein and fruits (whole-grain food items).
  • Engage yourself regularly in exercise
  • To flush extra salt/sodium out of your body, drink plenty of water.

Conclusion: Can sodium make you gain weight overnight? Eating a lot of salt? What can it make? It can show up on the scale as extra pounds, and it may cause your body to retain more water. But here, we are not talking about your water weight. High salt diets seem to be associated with higher body fat—in precise, the kind of fat that gathers around your waist.

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