Is Wearing A Body Shaper Everyday Safe? Here Are 5 Cons Of Body Shapers

Wearing shapewear daily is not a good idea. This can cause a lot of health problems including skin infections, breathing, UTI, etc.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Feb 12, 2020Updated at: Feb 12, 2020
Is Wearing A Body Shaper Everyday Safe? Here Are 5 Cons Of Body Shapers

Are you someone who wears a body shaper to slim down your waist? You might not want to hear this but body shapers do have certain side-effects linked with their long-term use. The benefits of body slimmers are captivating but we must not neglect the negative aspects. These have become increasingly popular for their magical ability to hide the flabby parts of the body to make us look slimmer and smarter. Wearing these on special occasions such as wearing a saree shaper at a wedding is fine but making this a daily habit is dangerous! In this article, we will tell you the cons of wearing body shapers daily.


Affects Blood Circulation

Body shapers are extremely tight garments as these are tailored to constrict the extra fat to make your body shape toned and perfect. Due to its tight-fitting, these put extreme pressure on the muscles which is highly likely to hamper blood circulation. In order to proper the blood supply, the heart needs to pump more blood to suffice the need in the areas that are compressed by the body shaper. This would increase the pressure on the heart which is not a good sign for your health. In some cases, blood clots may also form which in the worst case, can cause sudden death.

Bad for Bladder Health


One of the most problematic situations with body shapers arrives when you have to pee! You have to remove it which makes you want to avoid using restrooms and rather control urination. Its tight fit puts extra pressure on your bladder and since you’re not passing the urine, your bladder has to bear the pain. This, in the long run, can cause UTI!

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This shapewear might enhance your external beauty but these are catastrophic for internal health. If you wear a shaper on a regular basis, it would adversely affect your stomach and intestinal health affecting digestion. This causes indigestion and gastritis.

Numbness In Legs

numbness in legs

For those who wear shapewear to tone their legs, the risk of numbness is very high. These compress the nerves which obstruct blood flow in the legs. This may cause cramps and numbness in the legs which might advance to other problems with long-term use.

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Causes Skin Infections

As you are wearing a tight garment, your body would produce sweat which makes your skin moist. This creates a breeding ground for bacteria buildup and causes skin infections such as rashes, itching, dermatitis, etc. It is necessary to allow your skin to breathe to avert bacterial infections. Thus, you must not wear body shapers for long hours.

skin infection

Causes Ill-Functioning of Lungs

Mostly, body slimmers are worn on the upper body which compresses the lower lobes of your lungs. This phenomenon restricts the lungs to expand and not take up enough oxygen which directly affects the functioning of the lungs. This is the reason why people suffer difficulty breathing while wearing shapewear.

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