5 Types Of Tiredness and Ways To Overcome Them

There are five different types of tiredness that people go through. Read this article to know which kind of tiredness you suffer and how you can overcome this.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Sep 18, 2019Updated at: Sep 18, 2019
5 Types Of Tiredness and Ways To Overcome Them

Do you feel tired and sleepy all the time? If yes, you are not alone. This does happen with a lot of people. Blame it on inactive lifestyle or unhealthy eating but all-day long fatigue is not good for you. It is important to address fatigue on time to avert other health risks that are associated with it. But to treat it, you should know what type of tiredness is it. There are five different kinds of tiredness with different ways to deal with them.

1. Low stamina

If you feel like not doing anything in the first place and feel weak, you are running low on stamina. Generally, this happens due to lowering levels of iron in the body. Since iron is the major component of hemoglobin, its deficiency would affect your stamina level. In such a case, your body cells don’t receive sufficient oxygen which is why you feel week and feeble.

How to overcome: Eat a lot of green leafy vegetables, red meat, lentils, dehydrated fruits and nuts.

2. Facing highs and lows on energy

A lot of people feel the need for caffeine to combat lethargy in the middle of the day. It surely does give you an instant boost of energy but does it last? If you still suffer fluctuating energy levels, probably your blood sugar isn’t on the appropriate level. This happens when you drink too many sugary or aerated drinks that have higher levels of sugar. These beverages spike blood glucose levels which may make you feel all pumped up instantly but you’ll begin feeling exhausted again after some time. Blood sugar imbalance is certainly unfruitful for the body.

How to overcome: Firstly, eat something at regular intervals. You can eat snacks that are high in fiber and protein such as granola bars, protein bars, nuts, etc.

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3. Tired and wired

If your mind doesn’t feel relaxed even when you are in a relaxed position, you are suffering from ‘tired and wired’ kind of tiredness. This often happens with people who drink a lot of caffeinated drinks throughout the day. Overconsumption of caffeine negatively impacts your mind and body which is why they don’t sync.

How to overcome: Ditch coffee for herbal teas and/or sparkling water.

4. Lack of motivation

Lack of concentration and motivation is one of the common forms of tiredness. Our brain is less active during such a time that directly affects our performance. This is possibly due to the deficiency of vitamin B. 

How to overcome: First of all, reduce your alcohol consumption. Secondly, add foods in your diet that are rich in protein.

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5. Hollowness

If you regularly skip your meals, you should watch your diet. Having breakfast in the morning is a must for one and all. Being on an empty stomach for long hours affects your metabolism. Magnesium is the main cause of why you feel lost and sluggish all the time.

How to overcome: Eat whole grains and green leafy vegetables.

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