Weight Loss: How To Fix 4 Deadly Diet Sins

Weight loss is never about starving or elimination; it is about eating a balanced diet while following a calorie deficit.

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Mar 24, 2023 16:43 IST
Weight Loss: How To Fix 4 Deadly Diet Sins

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Following a strict diet, exercising every day, sleeping on time, and still not losing weight is a common occurrence for many people.

When it comes to losing weight, we are so tempted to lose it overnight and keep trying whatever we see online.  Social media is a hub of weight loss hacks, with a new weight loss hack, going viral every day. The problem with these hacks is that they lack scientific evidence, which is why we get no results when we use them. So, if you're struggling to lose weight or are stuck at the same weight, let's start by understanding what a balanced diet should look like and the four deadly diet sins you should stop believing right away.

Balanced Diet 101

A diet is said to be balanced not because it helps you lose or gain weight, but because it contains all of the necessary macro and micronutrients. Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are examples of macronutrients. All of your vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants are classified as micronutrients. A balanced diet allows a person to not only maintain a healthy weight but also keep health complications at bay. So, if your diet does not force you to starve or use supplements, but rather includes food at every meal, it is the ideal diet for you.

Diet Sins To Avoid

1) Avoid Carbs Post Sunset

Carbs are our body's primary source of energy, which aids in everything from good sleep to faster recovery. Carbs frequently have a bad reputation in the nutrition world because people believe that they make them bloated and that eating carbs after sunset causes weight gain.

Fix - Weight loss and gain are a game of calories. If you eat more than your maintenance calories, you will gain weight. Weight loss will occur if you consume less than your maintenance. Eating carbs after sunset is acceptable as long as you do not exceed your maintenance calories.

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2) Cut On Salt And Sugar To Lose Weight

Eliminating salt and sugar from one's diet has become a popular weight-loss strategy, with many people believing that both sugar and salt cause weight gain.

Fix - Elimination is never a good idea because when people resume eating normally, they gain the weight back. The best way is to practise portion control and gradually reduce the amount you were consuming initially.

3) Crash Diet Is Best For Losing Weight

A crash diet is a diet that restricts people to a set number of calories, typically 1,000 or 1,200 calories, to aid in rapid weight loss. Eating fewer calories has also become the new normal for people.

Fix - To lose weight, a person must eat fewer calories than their maintenance calories. Assume your maintenance calories are 1,800, and anything less than that will result in weight loss. Crashing and cutting calories will only help you lose weight in the short term, but cutting calories gradually will help you lose weight in the long run as well.

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4) Protein Is Necessary For Losing Weight

Nowadays, many people believe that protein is a magic pill that will help them transform. People who are looking to lose weight, continue to consume protein in the hope of losing fat and building muscle at the same time.

Fix - Protein is an essential macronutrient required for proper body function. Protein is not a magic pill, and there is no need to overdo it because the human body does not absorb 30 gm in one sitting. Weight loss will occur if your lifestyle is in order and you are eating properly. 

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