Abs Are Made In Kitchen, Not Gym: 5 Dieting Hacks You Must Know

The food you eat, the calories you consume, and how long you can maintain consistency determine how long it will take you to build abs.

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Jan 03, 2023 13:09 IST
Abs Are Made In Kitchen, Not Gym: 5 Dieting Hacks You Must Know

One of the most popular body muscles, abs are most likely has become everyone's New Year's resolution. People frequently believe that, just as biceps are formed in the gym, abs are formed while lifting. But did you know that abs are a muscle that we all have, but it gets hidden due to excess fat? When your body fat percentage falls below 10 per cent, your abs become more visible. Obviously, abs training is necessary for muscle development, but losing body fat is more important. So, if you're having trouble getting abs or losing fat, here are five diet hacks you can follow to reduce your body fat.

Abs Formula 101

Watch Your Meal

The key to getting abs is to lose body fat, which can only be done by cutting calories. You should be picky about everything that goes into your meal. For example, if you're having an omelette for breakfast, the oil and spices you use will have to be counted as well. In layman's terms, you must be aware of what is going in and how much is going in, so that you can see how many calories you have consumed.

Pro Tip

The best option is to use a calorie counter app, which will help you track all of the spices, oil, and will also tell you whether your meal was high in protein or not.

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Measure Your Food

Weight loss is difficult, but fat loss is even more difficult. You can easily spot that a person is skinny but does not have abs. But on the other hand, bodybuilders weighing around 100 kg, have abs. The only reason they can keep up is because of their training, but they are also very particular about their diet. They measure everything they eat, even rice, which is a staple in their diet. The golden rule here is to measure uncooked food, not cooked food.

Watch Your SS Levels

SS stands for sodium and sugar levels. Many times, a person has abs but cannot see them because of high sodium and sugar levels, which cause bloating in the body. The majority of athletes eat food that is low in sodium and sugar. The only time they consume sodium and sugar is during exercise to ensure they have enough energy.

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Your Food Choices Matter

When it comes to reducing your body fat and building abs, what you eat in a day makes a huge difference. Keep in mind that quality is more important than quantity. So you must be superior in your choices, such as using brown bread instead of white bread and lean protein such as eggs instead of cottage cheese. Your goal should also be to ensure that you are not overdoing it and that you are eating in accordance with your daily requirements.

No Cheating

Cheating here means you cannot change your food sources. For example, if chicken is your primary source of protein, stick with it and eat it for the next six to eight weeks until your body adjusts. Moreover, body transformation is all about consistency, so stay patient and stick to the same foods. 

Bottom Line

Developing abs is a prolonged process that requires years and years of training and consistency. Moreover, your goal should not be to develop abs because losing fat is not healthy, and abs do not indicate that a person is fit. A person's fitness level is always judged by how he feels and thinks about themself.

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