Know From Dermatologist, What Causes Neck Wrinkles and How To Get Rid Of Them

Can you see wrinkles around your neck? Know the solution from a Dermatologist to treat neck wrinkles and enhance the beauty of your neck

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Feb 07, 2020Updated at: Feb 07, 2020
Know From Dermatologist, What Causes Neck Wrinkles and How To Get Rid Of Them

Wrinkles are an unavoidable part of skin aging and these mostly show up on the exposed body parts like face, neck and arms. The dermal layer on the exposed parts is relatively thin which makes it easy to get attacked by the harmful UV rays. Therefore, these parts age faster and show aging signs more prominently than the rest of the body. Prolonged exposure to pollution, sunlight and smoking are the top triggers of skin aging. While our prime focus is on skin aging, we often neglect the wrinkles on the neck which speaks the story of aging. Onlymyhealth spoke to Dr. Ajay Rana, Dermatologist & Aesthetic Medicine Physician, to shed some light on this issue. 

The science behind neck wrinkles

Wrinkles, fine lines and creases can form in any part of the skin. Some are noticeable while some go unnoticed. Face and neck are one of the most exposed parts of the body show harsh wrinkles, especially around eyes, lips, cheeks and neck. With age, our skin becomes fragile and loses its elasticity making it look more wrinkled. Also, the production of natural oils is decreased making the skin dry and saggy.

causes of neck wrinkles

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Triggers of Neck Wrinkles

Apart from the natural aging phenomenon, there are some other factors that intensify the appearance of wrinkles in the neck area. The skin around the neck is thinner and susceptible to sun damage and other catastrophic environmental factors.

Many bad lifestyle habits also adversely affect our skin such as smoking which accelerates the aging process by triggering wrinkle formation and deepening existing wrinkles. Smoking daily dehydrates the skin which makes it dry, flaky and prone to wrinkles. 

These bad habits narrow the blood vessels which supply oxygen and other nutrients to the skin. Smoking affects the vitamin A content in the skin, which obstructs the process of discarding dead cells and the formation of new skin cells. This directly impacts the skin's elasticity and ability of collagen production, which hampers the skin and causes the formation of neck wrinkles.

botox for neck wrinkles

Myriad technologies are being used to treat neck wrinkles, Fractionated CO2 lasers are one of them. This treatment helps to make your neck wrinkle-free along with tightening the saggy skin that is caused due to aging.\

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Some tips to get rid of neck wrinkles

  • While cleaning your face, also clean the neck. It helps in removing the dirt, toxins of the neck.
  • Avoid using soap, as it can change the pH balance of the skin. Use herbal foam cleanser instead of soap.
  • Protect the neck from the harmful rays of the sun and always apply sunscreen on the neck before heading out.
  • Work on exfoliating your neck once a week. It removes dead skin cells and keeps skin fresh.
applying skin cream
  • Always keep the skin hydrated so that the wrinkles are less visible, and it also helps prevent creases from forming.
  • Botulinum toxin injections and esthetic surgery may also be used to reduce neck wrinkles.
  • Use retinol-based neck cream and serum with vitamin C. These act as antioxidants and protect against the effects of UV rays by increasing the collagen factor.

(With inputs from Dr. Ajay Rana, Dermatologist & Aesthetic Medicine Physician and Founder Director of ILAMED)

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