Dermatologist Dr. Sukriti Sharma Talks About Medical Myths Of Soothing A Burn And What Should Actually Be Done

There are some medical myths about some items soothing a burn, which should be replaced by actual healing agents. Check them out.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Nov 03, 2020 20:52 IST
Dermatologist Dr. Sukriti Sharma Talks About Medical Myths Of Soothing A Burn And What Should Actually Be Done

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Whenever someone experiences a burn on their skin, it becomes important to apply something immediately. Immediate action is required in such cases. Your skin is very delicate and can catch infection very quickly. One should not take any risks when it comes to burnt skin. However, the foremost thing to know is how to treat a burn injury and what to apply over it? You cannot soothe a burn with whatever comes first in your mind. Many households find things like toothpaste as an immediate solution to apply on a burn. But, an individual should be preinformed about the treatments of burnt skin. Onlymyhealth editorial team talked to Dr. Sukriti Sharma, Consultant, Dermatology and Cosmetology, Meddo Cure Derm Skin Clinic, Noida about the medical myths of soothing a burn and what should actually be applied on it.

Myths about how to treat a burn

There are many home remedies that are used to treat a burn. However, not all of them are that effective. In fact, some can even cause an infection on your skin. People believe in some medical myths of soothing a burn. According to Dr. Sukriti Sharma, they are:

1. Ice

ice burn

This is a myth that many people use immediately on a burn, but it is not at all medically advised. You should never put ice on that area as it can make your burn even worse. In fact, ice cubes can make it deeper too. 

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2. Toothpaste and calamine lotion 

People also tend to apply toothpaste or lotions, or whatever cream that is available in the house. This should never be done. Burnt skin is already sensitised and inflammed, so applying these can make your skin even more prone to infections, leading to severe complications. 

paste burn

Other common things that people apply are butter, egg white, onion juices, vinegar and even alcohol. These items should never be used to soothe a burn. 

How to heal a burn

Well, the skin is already evaporated when it gets burnt. So avoid applying things that can make it even more dry. Some remedies that can actually be used to heal a burn are:

1. Under running water

Within three hours or immediately, you should put the affected burnt area under running water. Put it under normal temperature water or slightly cold for around 20 minutes continuously. The first response should be running water and not ice. 

2. Petroleum jelly

petroleum jelly burn

Another way to treat a burn is to apply a barrier on that area. Just put a thick layer of petroleum jelly on your skin for a while. The burning sensation will get reduced in a few hours. 

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These were the myths of soothing a burn and ways to actually heal it. If there is any cloth or wrist watch stuck on the burnt area then try to remove it as easily and gently as possible. Don't try to scratch it out as the skin might also come out. These at-home solutions are just to treat a small burn. However, if there is an excessive burnt area, then you should see a doctor immediately. 

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