5 Daily Habits That Might Trigger Sciatica By Irritating The Sciatic Nerve

Here are five lifestyle habits that are potential triggers of sciatica. Everyone must avoid these for healthy living.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Apr 24, 2020Updated at: Apr 24, 2020
5 Daily Habits That Might Trigger Sciatica By Irritating The Sciatic Nerve

Sciatica is a medical condition caused due to irritated sciatic nerve. The most common and visible sign of sciatica is severe backache. The lingering pain would keep on troubling you which some people assume to be just normal pain. The condition may worsen if left untreated for a longer time. There are numerous unassuming factors that may trigger irritation in the sciatic nerve. Most of them are your daily lifestyle habits that pose a threat to your health. One should watch out for these so that you don’t fall prey to sciatica. We have listed down five such triggers for you in this article.

Wearing Tight Clothes 

Today, it is a fashion to wear tight jeans to give a toned look to your look but doing that daily is a threat to your health. Also, shapewear is a matter fo concern as it constricts the muscles which can irritate the sciatic nerve. It is suggested that you try to avoid wearing tight pants and undergarments on a regular basis. Once in a while is fine.

High Heels and Uncomfortable Shoes 

Your ankle has a direct connection to your back. A wrong selection of footwear can land you in trouble. Either uncomfortable or uncushioned shoes or high heels, both are potential triggers of sciatica. Since footwear provides structure to the body, wearing wrong shoes for a prolonged time can stretch and irritate the sciatic nerve on your back. Walking in the right posture with your weight equally distributed on both legs is the right position and you must try to walk with a straight back.

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Keeping phone & wallet in your back pocket

If you also have this habit of keeping your phone and wallet in the back pocket, stop doing this right now! When you sit with all these things in your pocket, it can trouble the piriformis muscle whose under is situated the sciatic nerve which may also get pressed by this. This is even termed as wallet or back pocket sciatica. Similarly, keeping a cellphone may also cause this condition.

Too Much Sitting

Long hours of sitting are also found to be a potential cause of sciatica. A sedentary lifestyle is anyway bad for you as it can bring a lot of health problems in your life including muscle tension. You must not sit for more than 2-3 hours straight as it can stress your muscles and the nerve located below it. Find excuses to stand and walk so that you are giving enough rest to the muscles. Either way, staying active is good for your health.

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Stress and Overstress

Stress can do damage more than you can even think! Stress causes nervous tension which can trigger sciatica. Mental health experts suggest that pain is caused by emotions other than the causes that can be diagnosed with an MRI scan. People who stay extremely stressed for a long time suffer from various kinds of pain including headache and back pain which is a sign of sciatica in them.

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