5 Millennial Health Problems That Young Adults Must Know

Here are 5 millennial health problems that are more dangerous than other serious health conditions. It is very important to take care of your health.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Apr 16, 2020Updated at: Apr 16, 2020
5 Millennial Health Problems That Young Adults Must Know

If you are a millennial then you can easily relate to a lot of health issues that we will be talking about in this article. Most young kids do not even know the hazardous effects that they are posing on their health with their habits. For example, the selfie habit has a medical term called ‘selfitis’. This has raised concerns over the health of millennials. The lifestyle that millennials are leading these days including technological advancements, unhealthy eating, sedentary living, etc. is pushing them towards these millennial health problems that we have listed in this article.

1. Selfitis

As the name suggests, this disorder is related to the obsession of taking selfies. This was identified by the American Psychiatric Association after analyzing this behavioral disorder of young adults to clicking selfies and uploading them on different social media handles. We are all hearing and seeing various cases where in order to take a selfie, a person lost his life due to inattentiveness.

2. Text-neck syndrome

No points for guessing to identify this syndrome. How do you use your smartphone? Since most of our time is spent on smartphones and tablets or other gadgets, it is nearly impossible to sit straight or keep the back straight all the time. Millennials being addicted to phones is the most-affected category. Too frequent and too long use with tilted head increases the risk of text-neck syndrome.

Posture plays an important role in one’s health and wellness. A poor posture can cause muscle pain as well as pain in the neck, shoulder, and back. This could reach up to your arms also. The moment your neck starts ailing, it is when you should begin limiting your phone use or improve the posture.

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3. Nomophobia

The mention of Nomophobia, a psychological condition is there in research published in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care. This psychological ailment is when a person fears to lose the phone or connectivity. They become so used to using the phone that it gets impossible for them to stay away even for a moment. This can give rise to mental illness also. 

4. Cyberchondria

This phenomenon is related to continuous internet searches for one or the other medical problem. This may look like an informative purpose but it ignites unnecessary concern or worry over health. Excessive information sometimes gets worse as we start to consider ourselves as a medical practitioner and try out remedial options without consulting a doctor.

It is okay to search for remedies sometimes but one shouldn’t rely on them. Also, trust only trustworthy resources.

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5. Burnout syndrome

Do you feel retarded all the time? Be it home or workplace or anything else, your energy levels are always dropping. This could be burnout syndrome which is caused due to overstressing, panic, anxiety, reduced efficiency, etc. Millennials need to focus on important things rather than cribbing and stressing about the unimportant ones.

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