Keep Heatstroke At Bay With These Cooling Houseplants

Keeping plants is a great idea to beat the heat and keep the surroundings cool. Here are some indoor houseplants that you can keep.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarUpdated at: Jun 16, 2020 12:51 IST
Keep Heatstroke At Bay With These Cooling Houseplants

The risk of heatstroke is not just outdoors but indoors too! At peak summer months when the temperature is soaring high, heat can strike you inside your home too. At such times even air conditioners and water coolers fail. We all feel that when sometimes despite AC being on, you feel the heat. People who do not have the privilege to keep AC and water coolers 24*7 on are at greater risk of heatstroke indoors. Are you ready to pay a whopping electricity bill? If not, you still can spend some money and get plants at home that would keep the area cool for you. Keeping cooling houseplants is an eco-friendly and inexpensive way to keep heat stroke at bay.

How Plants Keep The Air Cool?

According to the Earth Science study by NASA, plants are capable of modifying the temperature of the atmosphere. Photosynthesis is the process that helps plants increase transpiration during the hotter days to increase water vapors in the air and blocking heat. Plants keep the surroundings cool and therefore, you must surround yourself with greenery during summers.

1. Palms

There is a wide variety of palms to choose from- fern palms, fishtail palm, areca palms, lady palm, etc. Palms have small stomas(openings in the leaves, stems, etc.) that facilitate gas exchange by taking CO2 and releasing oxygen. Plants with larger leaves such as palms produce more oxygen. It is best to keep these at home to not only feel cool but also fresh and tropical.

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2. Snake Plant or Mother-in-law’s tongue

Snake plant looks quite similar to aloe vera as they both have long leaves. Just like aloe, this plant also has high water content in its leaves. The larger the surface, the high is transpiration. This means these release more amount of water vapours in the air to bring down the temperature. This plant also produces oxygen and detoxifying the air by sucking toxic contents.

Place this plant at your window and it will soak up the sun’s heat to keep the room cool. You must also keep plants at your work dst to fight stress.

3. Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

This plant may look small but its benefits are big. Despite small leaves, it has a high transpiration rate which makes this one of the best cool plants for the summer heat. There are so many variants of this plant that you can plant at different spots of your house. These don’t require much water or light(a plus point).

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4. Rubber Plant (Ficus Elastica)

This houseplant is great in releasing moisture in the air to keep the environment cool. You just need to water them to keep the roots moist which helps in better cooling. Also, keep this at low-sunlight spots for better results as its soil needs to be damp to release moisture and help you feel cooler.

5. Weeping Fig or Ficus Benjamina

This is a beautiful tall plant that works wonders in relieving summer heat. This leafy tree is good to be kept inside the house for cooling as apart from lowering the temperature, it also adds up a green vibe to your space for a more soothing effect. Keep watering this plant and it will keep you cool in return.

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