10 Common Health Problems Among Newborns And Infants

If you have a baby or an infant, you must take note of these common illnesses and infections amongst newborns and infants.

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10 Common Health Problems Among Newborns And Infants

Infants and toddlers are extremely delicate and need care during their initial years. They are more prone to unwanted allergies, infections, and diseases. Especially new-born babies who are under 6 months are not eligible for flu shots or vaccines, which makes them vulnerable to falling prey to seasonal infections and allergies. New mothers and mothers who have toddlers need to pay close attention to anything out of the ordinary to catch any infections. Dr. Santosh Kumar, Consultant, Paediatrician & Neonatologist, Motherhood Hospitals, Sarjapur, Bangalore explains ten common newborn and infant health problems.

10 Common Health Issues in Babies

Here are 10 common problems or infections among newborn babies and toddlers.


Jaundice is surprisingly very common among new-born babies. Jaundice is caused by a high level of bilirubin in the new-born babies blood levels. This bilirubin changes the colour of the skin to a yellowish shade. This is nothing to be worried or stressed about as most babies are born with jaundice. It may occur since the baby’s liver may not be properly matured to break down or excrete the excess bilirubin. Breast milk jaundice is also seen in many babies.

Blocked tear ducts

The tear ducts in a baby are very small, and they easily block with small amounts of discharge or even tears. It causes fussy watery eyes. Eventually it may go away by itself, however mothers can wash away the gooey material with a warm compress. Gentle massage over medial aspect of eyelid helps to prevent blockage of tear duct.


Babies tend to throw up their food and this is common. To prevent the baby from spitting up or vomiting the food that is being fed, the mothers tend to assist the baby burp after he or she has been fed. If you see that you baby has greenish or yellowish spit or vomit it can indicate serious problems that need to be shown to a paediatrician.

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fever in newborn

A common cold may suggest that the baby has some infection. A fever if rises above 101 in infants or toddlers and persists for more than 24 hours must be seen by a paediatrician as it can be fatal.

Ear infections

This is also a very common type of problem among infants and toddlers. This may happen due to a variety of reasons like any type of viral infection. One might get an indication of this if you see you child pulling his or her ear frequently or might complain of pain.

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Abdominal distension

Baby’s bellies are generally protruding and very soft. However, if you see that your baby belly is protruding but very hard this may indicate a problem of constipation, gas or swallowing of excess air. One must consult with a paediatrician immediately.

paediatric diseases

Skin problems

Rashes are very common among infants and toddlers. Especially diaper rashes among newborn babies. If a baby wears a dirty diaper for long duration of time it may cause in skin rashes. This can be resolved by a diaper rash cream.


This is a common reaction of a child’s body to any kind of medication or food that upsets his or her tummy. There is nothing to be worried about- keep your child hydrated. If one notices a change in the stool, then you might want to pay a visit to the doctor to eliminate any underlying medical conditions.

colic in babies

Infantile Colic

Just like other problems listed above colic is also seen pretty frequently in babies. This is when a baby cries incessantly particularly in the evening time he or she is most likely to have colic. There is no specific cause, but doctors do know that they generally see in in the 2 weeks of the baby until the baby is 4 months old.

Bluish skin

This may happen due to poor circulation of blood in the body which leads to poor circulation of oxygen. This may be due to cold peripheries, however if it is noticed often then one must consult a doctor.

There are several health diseases and illnesses that are prevalent in children. These are ten of the most common problems that newborns and infants deal with. Parents must take note of these and keep a tab on the health of their child.

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