Monsoon and Newborn Care: Tips For First-Time Parents To Keep The Baby Safe In Rainy Season

Parents of newborns need to take maximum precautions in the monsoon season as this is the season of infections, allergies and viral illnesses.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Jul 09, 2020
Monsoon and Newborn Care: Tips For First-Time Parents To Keep The Baby Safe In Rainy Season

The monsoon season may be pleasant for elders but not for infants. Firstly, they aren’t familiar with seasons and secondly, they get easily sick in the rainy season. First-time parents need to be very careful during this time as the fluctuating temperatures and sneaky germs and bacteria may target your tiny tot. Infants are highly vulnerable to catching cough, cold, fever, allergies, fungal infections, etc. in the monsoon season. It becomes your duty to protect your baby from all of these problems. We have some important monsoon care tips for newborns in this article for your readers.

Since newborns are more likely to become ill during rainy days, parents should take serious measures to protect them against infection. If you have recently become parents and are worried about how to protect your child from infections and allergies in this rainy season, we have important some tips for you.

#1 Keep the baby dry

Change your newborn's diaper periodically to avoid rashes. Keep checking your baby's nappy for a short time. Bacteria become active in a short period of time after they urinate or potty and can attack the baby's delicate skin. Make sure that your child is always dry and wear dry clothes only because often after washing it can remain cool and moist, which may result in fever or chills.

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#2 Keep a check on allergies

The risk of allergy is highest during the rainy season. Therefore, do not ignore the minor rashes, ringworm, itching, etc. appearing on the body of children, as it can spread rapidly. In case of allergy, do not apply any cream that you use for yourself or by a random recommendation from the medical store because the baby's skin is very different and sensitive from adults. Using any doctor unverified products can be harmful to your baby. If you notice any rash, redness or other symptoms on the child's body, consult your doctor immediately.

#3 Monsoon-proof your house

Apart from the body of the baby during the rainy season, it is very important to keep cleanliness around him. Actually, the fertility of bacteria increases greatly due to moisture in the weather. Therefore, to prevent them from growing, cleanliness is very important. Sprinkle 2-3 times a day in the baby's room, so that mosquitoes and other moths do not come there. Clean the household dustbin, cooler, kitchen sink, gas, etc. thoroughly. Also, take care not to store leftover food in the house, but immediately throw it out or feed the animal. Do not allow water to accumulate around the house and inside the house, otherwise mosquitoes that spread dengue and malaria will thrive.

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#4 Protection against mosquitoes

Keep in mind that your doors and windows should always be closed during the morning and evening so that mosquitoes or other pests do not knock in your house. Use natural insect repellents, bed nets and mesh windows to avoid serious diseases such as malaria and dengue caused by mosquitoes. Dress your child in clothes that have no access to the skin.

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