Breaking Through Plateaus: Common Fitness Mistakes That Stall Progress

Weight loss plateau is a common concern for those who exercise regularly and eat well on a daily basis. 

Ishaan Arora
Written by: Ishaan AroraUpdated at: Apr 18, 2023 08:30 IST
Breaking Through Plateaus: Common Fitness Mistakes That Stall Progress

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If you have effortlessly shed the first five kgs but are struggling to lose the last few kilos, this is a sign that you have reached a plateau. 

If you've ever tried to lose weight or know someone who does, you're probably aware that there comes a point where progress stops. A weight loss plateau is a regular occurrence that every gym-goer faces. Many people regard plateau as a bad sign, although it is the best thing that could happen. Why plateau is best? First, it occurs while you are in the middle of your transformation, implying that you have worked hard to get there. Second, a plateau teaches you a lot about your body and helps you improve emotionally and physically. 

When people reach a plateau, the first thing they do is stop dieting or exercising. So, before you skip your next session, let's first grasp why plateaus occur and typical blunders that halt progress. 

Why Does Plateau Happen?

Losing weight is simple at first, not because you enjoy the process itself, but because dieting acts as a shock. To transform, you must shock your body and expose it to fresh stimuli. The plateau occurs when this stimulation becomes old, which means the human body becomes accustomed to it. To summarise, a plateau occurs as a result of performing the same things over and over.

Common Fitness Mistakes That Stall Progress

1) Eating The Same Foods

When you continue to consume the same foods, such as oats for breakfast, the human body eventually quits responding. Oats are without a doubt the healthiest breakfast option and should be consumed on a daily basis, however when consumed in the same quantity, the human body forms patterns. You have two options: modify their time or change the quantity. The only thing to remember is that you should only consume the same foods for more than six weeks. 

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2) Same Workout 

In the same way that the human body quits reacting after consuming the same diet for an extended period of time, the same is true for exercise. Starting the workout with the same exercises and reps each time leads to a plateau. When attempting to lose weight, your goal should be to break your previous record, and you should try performing one extra rep to quickly break through the plateau. 

3) Consuming The Same Calories

Let's imagine a person begins their weight loss journey with 1,700 calories and continues to eat it for an extended period of time, that's when the plateau strikes. Remember that as you lose weight, your calorie deficit varies, and you must keep modifying. Make it a habit to weigh yourself every 10 days and adjust your calorie intake accordingly. 

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4) Not Taking A Break

The human body grows when it is given enough time for rest and recovery. Dieting for an extended period of time and working out without a break is another prevalent cause of plateau. A transformation should not last more than three months, which implies you should only diet and exercise for 12 weeks. Make a habit of taking a month off after the transformation is done. 

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