4 Exercises To Burn Chest Fat To Reduce Risk of Heart Attack

Burning chest fat can significantly reduce the risk of heart attack. Here are 4 exercises which you can do to burn your chest fat effectively.

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4 Exercises To Burn Chest Fat To Reduce Risk of Heart Attack

Fat can be harmful to your health and causes many health diseases. It can lead to life-threatening consequences, hence it becomes important to reduce body fat as early as possible. Fat is present at various parts of the body, some of them are easier to burn whereas some parts needs heavy training to cut down the fact. Targeting you fat chest can be quite challenging as it takes too much time to cut down fat from the muscles. But by doing targeted exercise, one can achieve a fit body and reduce risk of diseases especially heart disease. If a person cuts down his chest fat, then there are minimal chances of having a heart attack. 

How does Chest Fat increase risk of heart attack?

Fat accumulates in the chest region over a long period of time. It happens mostly with people who are obese and have high fat density in their muscles. Chest is an area which is very close to heart. Having heaviness in the chest prevents a person from performing physical activities and working out. Chest fat cannot be treated only with exercise, combination of diet and exercises both are equally important. However exercise is a major factor that determines the rate of fat loss in the body. Risk of heart attack increases due to chest fat because it means that there is too much fatty acids present in the blood which can create blockage in form of plaque. 

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Fat Burning Exercises for Chest

1. Push-ups

This is a classic exercise and it very helpful to cut fat accumulated in muscles around chest area. Push-ups put the pressure on your chest and it increases the process of calorie burning. In this exercise, you need to make sure that your arms and legs are in correct position so that it effects your chest area. 

To do this exercise-

  • First start in the plank position, keep your arms stretched underneath your chest and keep feet shoulder width apart.
  • After this slowly bend down your chest by bring your arms close to your body
  • Now keep the pressure on the chest muscles, your may feel a bit of tightness and pressure in sides of your chest.
  • Not press the floor to raise your body upwards.
  • Repeat this exercise for 10 times in a set of 3.

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2. Bench Press

Bench press is a simple exercise but needs a proper bench and dumbbells to do this exercise. It puts direct pressure on your chest and tightens the body. It cuts down fat from your upper chest and makes it tight and muscular. Remember to start with smaller weights so that your arm muscles are not affected.

To do this exercise-

  • First lie on the bench and keep your hands straight
  • Now take dumbbells in your hand and keep your arms shoulder width apart straight above
  • Slowly bring down the dumbbells by folding your elbow.
  • This will put pressure on your chest and upper abdomen
  • Take a deep breath and pull it upwards again.
  • Repeat this exercise for 12-15 times in a set of 3.


3. Cable cross

Cable cross in a pure muscles exercise that targets your chest efficiently. This is a great exercise to burn down fat from your chest and tone it up. This exercise needs to be done on a regular basis to break the excessive fats present in the region. Cable cross can also be done with help of dumbbells but it needs extra preciseness in that method. 

To do this exercise-

  • First set up the pulleys according to your weight and height.
  • Now stand by the machine and take the pulleys towards you
  • Once you are in comfortable position, set the resistance and try to resist the weights.
  • After that pull it towards the other side, pulleys should cross each other and then control the weight and gradually move to initial position.
  • Keep your arms in X shape
  • Do this exercise around 15 times in the set of 3

You can increase the weight as you become comfortable with the previous weight.


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4. Dumbbell Pull-over

It is a very beneficial exercise if you need to burn chest fat and keeps your heart rate in check at the same time. Dumbbell pull over are puts pressure on your middle chest and lower chest and brings it in shape. This exercise can burn down your chest fat and you can feel it changing and affecting your body.

To do this exercise-

  • Take dumbbells in both your hands and lay straight on the bench.
  • Now bend your elbows and keep the dumbbells above your chest.
  • After this take it all the way back, your arms should be near to your ears.
  • Let the pressure effect on your chest and stretch your muscles.
  • Now gradually pull the dumbbells up again and bring it above your chest

Repeat this exercise 10 times in the set of 3 for effectiveness.

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