Changeri Grass: Learn 5 Medicinal Health Benefits Of This Ayurvedic Plant

Do you that migraine pain can be cured by a home remedy? YES, with the help of changeri grass you can get rid of it.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jan 10, 2020Updated at: Jan 10, 2020
Changeri Grass: Learn 5 Medicinal Health Benefits Of This Ayurvedic Plant

Changeri is a kind of grass or plant, which is considered very beneficial in Ayurveda. Changeri leaves have a sour taste and its Latin name is Oxalis corniculata. Do you know that potassium, calcium and carotene are also found in the leaves of Changeri? Yes and apart from this, it is also rich in oxalate and vitamin C. Let us tell you the 5 tremendous benefits of Changeri grass.

A panacea for piles of patients

If a person is troubled by haemorrhoids, the leaves of Changeri grass can be very beneficial for them. Usually, the problem of haemorrhoids occurs in people who eat more chilli-spicy food or sweet food. You can get relief in piles by using Changeri leaves. For this, roast Changeri leaves in ghee or oil and mix it in curd and take it.

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Headache and migraine

Changeri leaves are a very good home remedy for headache and migraine pain. If you are also suffering from headache for long, then the Changeri plant can give you relief. For this, grind the leaves of Changeri and extract its juice and mix equal quantity of onion juice in it and apply it on the head. This recipe will relieve your chronic headache in a few days.

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Stomach ache

Changeri leaves have analgesic properties. Therefore, in the problem of stomach ache and other physical pain, the leaves of Changeri provide immediate benefits. For this, you can make a decoction of Changeri leaves and drink it. To make its decoction, boil the leaves of Changeri in water and make a decoction. Add 1 gram roasted asafetida to 40 mg decoction and drink it in the evening. Drinking this decoction provides relief from constipation, indigestion, gas and stomach pain.

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Changeri leaves give relief from the stench of the mouth

If you are troubled by the smell of the mouth, gum diseases or tooth weakness, then the changeri leaves also give relief from these problems. To remove the bad smell of the mouth, wash 7-8 leaves of Changeri and chew it properly. These leaves act as a mouth freshener.

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Changeri Sauce/chutney

If your children are reluctant to eat homemade food, then Changeri leaves can be very useful for you. For this problem, make a sauce of Changeri leaves and feed it to children. To make chutney, take changeri leaves and a few mint leaves. Wash them. Now grind these leaves with a small piece of ginger and 2 cloves of garlic and make a sauce. Add black salt and roasted cumin seeds to this chutney and give it to the children. Due to the sour taste of the Changeri leaves, you will find this chutney tasty.

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