Pelvic Pain Is Common In Women, Here Are Some Potential Causes

Pelvic pain occurs to women quite often. Here are 7 conditions that result to pelvic pain among women.

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Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Sep 02, 2021Updated at: Sep 02, 2021
Pelvic Pain Is Common In Women, Here Are Some Potential Causes

Women go through numerous problems and conditions throughout their life time. They often tolerate all these different types of pain with a smile. However in some condition it is hard control pain that is caused by some health condition inside the body. Some of these conditions are naturally occurring whereas some are affected by a health issue. Pelvic pain affects the lower part of the abdomen near the belly button and can be a symptom of many underlying health issues faced by women. Today we will know about different conditions that cause pelvic pain in women with help of senior gynaecologist Dr. Bindya Khera from Fatima Hospital, Lucknow. 

7 Possible Causes of Pelvic Pain in Women

1. Menstrual Pain

Menstrual pain is most common pain that every women faces in their life every month during their periods. This pain can be tolerable for some ladies whereas it is very painful for others. It comes along with cramps which posses a feeling of tearing of muscles in the body. Menstrual cramps occur mostly during her periods and it is more evident in first 2 days. Menstrual pain occurs when the uterus lining contracts and sheds. This pain is quite similar to muscle spasm and jabbing pain.


Keep a heat bag and apply hot compress on your stomach and back to relieve pain. Over the counter medicines should be avoided until the pain becomes unbearable.

2. During Ovulation

If there is painful sensation in one side of the pelvis during menstrual cycles of the women, then it likely that is the pain that is occurring because of ovulation. Pain during ovulation is comparatively more than usual. This happens when the woman ovulates and the ovaries are released in the fallopian tube into the uterus. Pelvic pain can be little more than usual in the days of menstrual cycle. However this pain lasts for a few minutes of hours. It does not require any particular treatment of medication.

3. Interstitial cyst formation 

In case of bladder inflammation, a women experiences heavy pain in her lower stomach. This results to pain in the pelvis area. The major cause if it is interstitial cystitis that can increase during urination and sexual intercourse. It is important to treat this condition in the initial stage otherwise it can lead you to surgery. Reducing and controlling symptoms of interstitial cyst is the best way to cure this condition and get rid of the pain.


4. Urinary Tract Infections

UTI can be extremely painful at times. This is caused by inflammation of bladder because of bacterial infections. Urinary tract infection usually happen when the vaginal bacteria or rectal bacteria enters the urethra and goes inside the bladder. This type of infection also leads to pain in the pelvis and it is important to clear these infections to avoid any serious condition. Usually antibiotics need to be taken to cure this condition.

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5. Endometriosis

This is a serious health disorder that needs to be given attention at the earliest. Endometriosis causes pain in the pelvis and lower stomach and this can increase over time. It happens when the tissues inside the uterus get inflamed thus causing burning sensation in the uterus and pelvis area as a whole. This condition happens in the early stage of periods when there are lot of hormonal changes going on in the body. Endometriosis can lead to bleeding and inflammation in the pelvis. People experience mild to severe pain depending on the rate of inflammation. Treatment needs to be taken with consulting doctor and keeping in mind the level of severity.


6. Irritable bowel syndrome

Irritable bowel syndrome causes pain in the pelvis and stomach. This is a gut disorder that also causes constipation, diarrhoea and bloating in the digestive tract. It can be very stressful and takes time to heal. Managing symptoms of IBS can help you recover from pelvis pain and stress levels.

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7. Stones in the Urinary Bladder

If there is a stone formation inside your urinary bladder, it can cause severe pain in the pelvis area. This pain is usually intolerable and needs over the counter medications until it is treated. Stones present in the urinary tract are made of salts and minerals such as calcium that create trouble while urinating as well. These stones can travel to kidneys or in the bladder that may increase pain and intensity of the situation. 


If this happens, it can be evident in the colour of your urine. While urinating, you may experience pink or reddish urine along with blood sometimes. This can be treated with help of medications and drinking excess of water to break the stones. If they grow big, then surgery is the only option that is left to remove them.

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