Troubled With Dry Hands? Learn Its Causes & Remedies To Treat It

It gets difficult to avoid dry hands given the quantity of handwashing and environmental irritants your hands are exposed to throughout the day. 

Sushmita Sharma
Written by: Sushmita SharmaUpdated at: Mar 03, 2023 13:05 IST
Troubled With Dry Hands? Learn Its Causes & Remedies To Treat It

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Most of us invest our time and money following a skincare routine, but what about your hands? Having dry hands is completely normal, but it can be unpleasant and irritating. Dry hands signify that the skin cannot create enough sebum to maintain its moisture. It is essential not to neglect your hands and keep them protected from damage. It gets difficult to avoid dry hands given the quantity of handwashing, chemicals, and environmental irritants your hands are continuously exposed to throughout the day. 

What Causes Dry Hands


You might have noticed how your skin gets dry during winter. Dry hands and skin result from the low humidity in the air. When it gets cold, the air dries out, making it difficult for the body to retain moisture.

Medical Problems

People with health issues like diabetes and lupus have reduced blood circulation to their hands. In addition, skin ailments like eczema and psoriasis can cause dry hands and skin peeling.

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The chemicals used in detergents, hand washes, soaps, sanitisers, hair styling products, etc can irritate your hands and cause them to dry. 


People such as nurses and doctors may face dry hands if their occupation requires frequent handwashing or sanitisation. This will remove essential natural oils from the skin and cause your skin to dry out.

Natural Remedies To Treat Dry Hands


Moisturising your skin is an integral step to maintaining your skin's hydration and preventing it from getting dry. Apply a moisturiser every time you wash your hands to seal their moisture. You can even use oils like coconut oil to moisturise your hands. 

Wear Gloves

People whose hands frequently come into contact with water, for instance, while washing dishes, should consider wearing gloves. It helps prevent natural oils from washing away from your skin and keep it protected.


Did you know the buildup of dead skin cells can damage your skin and lead to dryness? Therefore, you should exfoliate your hands to remove dead skin cells and prevent dryness. You can use a pumice stone or prepare a solution of olive oil granulated sugar to exfoliate.

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Aloe Vera

Aloe vera benefits your health and skin in many ways. Start by applying it to your hands as a moisturiser. Its anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties will soothe your skin and provide moisture.

Opt For Overnight Treatments

If your hands are really dry, consider treating them overnight. Apply a good amount of moisturiser to your hands before sleeping. Next, use gloves or socks to cover your hands and let them get absorbed overnight.


You can wash your hands with a gentle cleanser instead of scented or alcohol-based soap to prevent dryness. Your skin may get dry if you wash your hands in too hot water. So, try washing your hands with warm or cold water. Remember to keep yourself hydrated as it leads to skin dryness. If you have dry hands due to a medical issue, you should visit a skin expert to treat the underlying problem. In addition, if you encounter any additional symptoms in addition to dry hands, such as pain, you should immediately see a dermatologist.