Can You Lose Weight By Bathing In Hot Water?

If you take a bath in lukewarm water for about 1 hour then you will see many benefits. 


Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Mar 03, 2020 15:18 IST
Can You Lose Weight By Bathing In Hot Water?

Taking a bath is just another amenity to our daily routine and our culture, which is also healthy for us. Bathing does not only clean the dirt off our body, but it can also cure many diseases. But if you want to make bath beneficial for health, then you have to take some different steps. Usually, we take a bath with cold or hot water according to the weather. But if you want to stay healthy by taking a bath, then its time for you to take a hot water bath. Prolonged bathing with lukewarm water makes your body's skin feel soothing and in turn, releases endorphins. Due to endorphins, your skin starts heating up, which helps in blood circulation well. Apart from this, there are many benefits of the hot water bath, let us tell you some of it.

Lose weight by burning around 140 calories

burn calories

In a recent study, researchers collected data from 14 participants and found that bathing in hot water for an hour is equal to calories burnt (about 30-minute walk). According to researchers, bathing in hot water for one hour costs 140 calories. This is because hot water makes your heart run faster and some of your calories get burnt as soon as you take a shower. If you do this daily, then gradually your weight will also start reducing.

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Reduces risk of heart attack

Whether you are a heart patient or not, a hot water bath can reduce your chance of heart attack. When you are taking a bath with hot water, in a way it is also causing your body to grow and become completely calm. In this way, the risk of heart failure is reduced due to normal blood circulation.

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Nervous system

Taking a bath with warm water can improve your blood circulation. This will relax your nervous system. Apart from this, it can help in relieving acute pain of any kind in the body. Bathing with hot water can relieve your pain and it can keep the muscles loose. Hand stretching and shaking the leg while taking a bath can also cure it by affecting the pain in the muscles, joints and bones.

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Good sleep

good sleep

If someone is very angry or has increased blood pressure due to any reason, then bathing with hot water can make you feel relaxed. This will also reduce your blood pressure and you will feel lighter. From the eyes to the brain, it makes you comfortable and sleepy.

Protects you from diseases and infections

For many people who have chronic illnesses or are suffering from depression, bathing with warm water can provide physical comfort, satisfaction and can also cure your chronic pain. Besides, a hot water bath may reduce infusions of the private parts or any other part of the body. In this way, with a hot water bath (one hour every day), you can reduce mental stress as well as physical stress.

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