Buffalo Milk Vs Cow Milk: Which Is Better For Weight Loss And Why?

Which milk should be drunk for a weight loss diet? Know which is more healthy? Cow milk or buffalo milk?

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Jul 27, 2020Updated at: Jul 27, 2020
Buffalo Milk Vs Cow Milk: Which Is Better For Weight Loss And Why?

Cow Milk or Buffalo Milk: Milk is a nutritious food and therefore, it is given particular importance in the diet. Especially for people daily for children's nutrition and the development of milk to feed to all parents. In our country, too (India), milk is an essential part of people's diet as most people (Indians) are vegetarian. In such a situation, milk is an excellent way to add protein in vegetarian diets. Do you know that cow milk is lighter? And in comparison with buffalo milk, it is low in calories. Therefore, if you are on a weight-loss binge, then cow milk should be your preferred option. Cow milk has got more nutrition than buffalo milk, and hence it is better. But, the question often arises whether cow's milk is more nutritious or buffalo's. However, consuming every type of milk has many benefits for the body. For example, it provides elements like calcium, vitamin B12 and phosphorus. Apart from being an outstanding source of protein, it also works to strengthen bones and protect them from dehydration. Here are some milk health benefits.

Is Cow's Milk Better Or Buffalo's? Some of you drink cow's milk and while others may drink buffalo's. So at the same time, many people consume both types of milk. Both are good in taste. However, there is a sparse difference between these 2 types of milk. Cow's milk is considered thinner and lighter than buffalo's milk.

Which milk provides you more nourishment? A glass or about 100 millilitres of buffalo milk gives 100 calories. But, when you drink the same amount of cow's milk, then it contains only 65-70 calories. Apart from this, cow's milk also contains sulfur. This element helps the brain to function. Cow's milk also contains beta carotene from which the body gets vitamin A. However, and this element is not present in buffalo milk.

Drink Cow Or Buffalo Milk, As Needed: Based on all the information mentioned above, it can be said that people are trying to lose weight. Eating cow's milk is beneficial to them. Similarly, milk is also recommended for young children (milk benefits kids), because it is easily digested compared to buffalo milk. Whereas, buffalo milk can be used to make curd, paneer or khoya (due to being thick dairy products)

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Which milk has more fats? According to experts, the amount of nutrients and calories in buffalo milk is higher than that of cow's milk. Fat is low in cow's milk. As a result, it becomes more hydrating and thinner. Whereas, buffalo milk has a high-fat content. There are 8 grams of fat in 100 ml of milk, whereas the same amount of cow's milk has 4 grams of fat. It does not worsen for long due to the high amount of enzymes present in buffalo milk. Fat, protein and calcium are found in high amounts in buffalo milk. But, people who are concerned about weight, they should know that buffalo milk has more calories than fat.

Conclusion: Consuming any milk is beneficial for the body. People who are not allergic to Lactose Intolerance means all can consume dairy. Similarly, drink milk based on your need, body type and lifestyle.

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