These 4 Things Can Lead To Added Water Weight In The Body And Tips To Combat The Condition

Do you think you are gaining weight every day? Think twice as it could just be extra water stored in your body.

Vani Malik
Written by: Vani MalikPublished at: Jun 02, 2020Updated at: Jul 23, 2020
These 4 Things Can Lead To Added Water Weight In The Body And Tips To Combat The Condition

Weight loss is a very subjective issue. When we think we have lost weight when we get on to those scales, that could be the lost water weight in some cases. Also, there may be times when we may feel extremely bloated, and we may mistake it for stubborn belly fat too. All this happens due to the collection of fluids in the tissues, leading to swelling in the body. Hence, losing water weight is way easier than losing actual weight. The water that we drink does not necessarily get out of your body in the form of your pee. The extra fluid gets stored in between the organs and skin, adding excess weight to the body and also puffiness.


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Before treatment, one must know what causes water weight in the body? Here are 4 factors that add to the water weight in the body:

Salt and Carbohydrates: Too much sodium in the diet is one of the significant reasons for water weight. This happens as sodium leads to more water retention in the body. The same works with carbs too. Carbs, especially when had in sparring quantities, can lead to added water weight in the body. Carbs mostly are stored as glycogen in the body. Hence, the initial weight that we lose is primarily water weight.


Menstruation: Water retention is widespread to happen during the time of periods. This happens due to various fluctuations in the hormones. The first day of the period leads to a maximum amount of fluid retention in the body. Also this time the breast may get tender. Hence, do not think that you gain weight during periods. It is simply water retention in arms, legs, face and belly. It generally subsides after the third day of the period. Hence, ensure that you eat less salt before your periods are going to start.

Birth Control: In several cases, women on hormonal birth control pills can face a lot of issues of water retention and water weight. The impact can be such that you might end up feeling almost double the size of what you are. The progestin and estrogen in birth control pills add to the water weight. Hence, talk to a doctor before taking any such pills.


Medication Side Effects: Drugs primarily used to treat health concerns like high blood pressure often lead to water retention in the body. Drugs including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), calcium channel blockers and more are to name some. Hence, the doctor, before giving you these medicines, will tell you the side effects of these medicines.

Tips To Reduce Water Weight

Here are some proven tips to reduce or prevent water weight in the body:

  • Do not eat salty food as more of sodium means more water retention in the body. Hence, avoid processed food as most processed food have more than 75 per cent of salt that we eat regularly in freshly-cooked food. So, cook from scratch and cut down on salt as much as possible.
  • Drink more water and stay hydrated. You may think that this would add to your water weight, but you're certainly mistaken. Make sure you are hydrated as lack of water in the body leads to false alarms of hunger. Hence, drink water. Limit alcohol and caffeine. Cranberry juice helps get rid of extra water from the body, which adds to the water weight.
  • Exercise regularly as it helps in losing the water weight daily, which gets stored as extra fat in the body.


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  • Lastly, eat foods that have a hydrating effect on the body. Add watermelon, spinach, strawberries and more such fruits in your diet as it helps in hydrating the body. The more the hydrating food you take in, the more the body secrets. Hence, eat these fruits daily.

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