Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 7 Tips To Maintain Healthy Breasts To Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is serious illness. Read this article to know about tips to maintain healthy breats.

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Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Oct 16, 2021 11:30 IST
Breast Cancer Awareness Month: 7 Tips To Maintain Healthy Breasts To Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a very serious illness which takes numerous lives every year. In order to raise awareness about breast cancer, OnlyMyHealth tries to bring you most detailed topics regarding breast cancer and prevention. As this month is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness, we would be bringing many articles about breast cancer prevention, treatment and awareness. Taking care of breast is very important and it should not be neglected at any cost. Hence to avoid situations which might cause life-threatening consequences let us discuss about tips to keep breasts healthy.

Importance of Breast Health

Healthy breasts can lead you healthy life. Dr. Samuel D’Souza, Consulting Gynaecologist from Vozart Healthcare Hospital, Kochi says that keeping breast healthy can prevent majority of woman- related health problems. It can support you during pregnancy, help you sustain a healthy body and keep your mind peaceful. Even though breast cancer is treatable up to a stage, it can affect your body in many different ways. 


The affect on body can be due to pain of cancer or because of treatment methods that are used in the process. Therefore the best way to avoid this condition is to take care of your breasts from the very beginning and take precautions accordingly. To keep breasts healthy means to take care of various issues surrounding your life for overall health development.

Tips For Keeping Breasts Healthy

1. Do moderate workout

Exercise is considered as one of the best remedy. However some people do not give much importance to exercise and therefore end up having problems which affect their breasts as well. It is not important to do extensive workouts that exhaust you. You need to have moderate exercise routine around 30 minutes which keeps your body functions active. The best way for woman to exercise without having a negative impact on their breasts is through aerobic exercise. It is considered as safest exercise that can control excessive hormone production and reduce the risk of breast cancer. 

2. Wear Correct Bra

More than often woman bra of wrong size that affects their breast adversely. It is important to wear the correct size of bra so that optimal support is provided to your breasts. It should neither be very loose nor should it be extremely tight. According to a study by National Institute of Health, a whopping 78% of woman wear wrong bra size most of their lives. This also happens to look more attractive of to fit in certain clothes. 


One must be very careful while choosing a bra, it should be comfortable and support your breast to keep tissues present inside the breasts healthy. Also try to wear bras that have comfortable fabric like cotton to avoid reactions. It helps the body to breathe properly and maintain weight.

3. Manage your weight

A lot of women are unaware of their body to weight ratio and end up dieting or having excess diet. Being overweight is a big issue which causes a number of health problems already. You do not want another health issue because of your weight. Hence to avoid breast cancer it is very important to keep your weight in check according to BMI. 

Breast cancer symptoms start occurring mostly in women after their post menopausal stage. According to a study that included around 2 lakh women, it was found that those women who kept their weight in check or lost some weight were at lower risk for breast cancer. However this does not mean it exempts a person from being infected by cancer. 


4. Nourish Your Breast Skin

Keeping check on your health also means to take care of the breast skin. There are a lot of women who suffer from sore breasts and itchy or dry skin around the breasts. This can further result to breast problems and sometimes cancer. Nourishment of skin is important on the breasts because the skin is slightly thinner and delicate than other areas. Therefore it is recommended to nourish your skin regularly, apply moisturisers, creams and essential oils to maintain healthy breasts. 

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5. Avoid Alcohol 

Alcohol is not good for health in general, but it can be worse in the case of women especially those who have it regularly. Alcohol can actually increase the estrogens levels in the body which can cause imbalance and result to issues related to breast. It can also cause problems during pregnancy and breastfeeding after child birth. By avoiding consumption of alcohol you can actually reduce the risk of breast cancer and several breast related conditions.


6. Avoid Soda Beverages

Soda is present in majority of beverages and soft drinks. It should be avoided to maintain your breast’s health. Beverages such as these have high levels of added sugars and can lead you to obesity. Obesity is also a major factor that contributes to breast cancer. Hence avoiding these sweet beverages containing soda can actually reduce the risk of falling for breast cancer by 18 percent. 

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7. Try to manage your stress

Stress levels are directly linked to a healthy body. Increase in stress levels can affect your breasts and increase the hormone levels. Stress increase epinephrine, which is responsible for boosting lactate enzyme. Excessive amount of this hormone in the body can trigger breast cancer stem cells and lead to complications. Therefore it is important to indulge yourself in stress busting activities that helps to bring down this enzyme and prevent the risk of breast cancer in the body.

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