Easy And Special Breakfast Ideas: Try These 6 Delicious Styles Of Omelettes

What Makes Omellete A Great Breakfast? Read To Know

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Aug 07, 2020 09:10 IST
Easy And Special Breakfast Ideas: Try These 6 Delicious Styles Of Omelettes

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Breakfast Special Ideas, Delicious Styles Of Omelettes For You To Try: Who doesn’t like an omelette? It’s a perfect breakfast staple, though we can enjoy any meal of the day with one. Plus, there are myriad varieties of eggs we can beat up that can bring the essences of different cookeries from around the world into our kitchens. Here are six distinct styles of omelettes from across the globe.⁣ Remember to add a few drops of vinegar or lemon juice to the eggs for this prep before beating it. Not only is it delicious, but the way it’s made by rolling layers of eggs is also surprisingly pleasant to watch. 

  • French Omelette Ingredients: A French Omelette is buttery, soft, and delicious. Some chefs add fillings like Gruyere cheese or shredded cheddar, bell peppers, mushrooms, or tomatoes, diced ham, sour cream, or bacon while others prefer to keep it simple with just butter and eggs. But no matter what the add-ons, the primary flavour remains that of the eggs and butter.
french egg

  • Japanese Tamagoyaki: What is Tamagoyaki? It is a Japanese-style omelette which is cooked like a usual omelette and made by rolling together many layers of egg. It is a bento box item as well as a popular breakfast dish. These egg rolls are then eaten with any other kind of dip or soya sauce. You can make this in a standard pan, though in Japan, it’s generally prepared in a rectangular omelette pan called a makiyakinabe.
spanish egg
  • Spanish Omelette Ingredients: Do you know that Spanish Omelette is also known as Tortilla de Patata? Even, do you know that it can keep you going for hours? Because it is one substantial meal, therefore you do not need the feel to snack. As suggested by the name, it is made with layers of potato which is sautéed in oil first. You can add a combination of other elements like spring onions, bell peppers and onions. Plus, you are bound to have leftovers, that means a little light to cook for the next meal.
  • Greek Omelette: What do you think about Mediterranean ingredients? For example, olives, feta cheese, baby spinach and cherry tomatoes. A perfect blend of tasty and healthy, the Greek Omeleta marries the taste of the region into one easy dish that you can serve in a mezze or as a side, or even prep it for a light dinner. You can dig it at any time of the day.
greek egg
  • Mexican Egg White Omelette Ingredients: This dish is probably the healthiest of the lot in this round-up! Because this one will be adding so much more to the plate and saying goodbye to the yolks. Fill it with some black beans, jalapeno pepper and avocado, top it up with cilantro and serve it as a complete Mexican mix with a side of salsa.
  • Thai Khai Jiao: Do you know why Thai Khai Chiao is a complete meal? That is because it usually is served over a plate of rice. It typically has fluffy, soft, layers of eggs with crisp edges. Do you know that it is a portion of popular street food in Thailand? You can make it even tastier with shallots or green onions, sliced scallions, to add texture and flavour to the omelette, as well as proteins like chicken or pork.

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